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NWT Glitter Ball Ornament The other side of the Disney Globe says Where the Glass Slipper Always Fits, and on one side it says Disneyland. Walt Disney World is a theme park in Orlando, Florida. NWT Ball Ornament Cinderella’s Glass Slipper (Disney Globe) Glitter, Cinderella Glass Slipper, Disney Globe Collectibles, Disneyana, Contemporary (1968-Now), Holiday, Ornaments, Glitter Ball Decoration NWT
Glass Slipper Glitter Ball Ornament Disney Globe Cinderella NWT. Where the glass slipper still suits! says the other. It says Disneyland Walt Disney World on one side. Cinderella is a Disney character, story, and theme.
#992 of DETECTIVE COMICS 14/11/18 Benchmade Nakamura 484 Barrage 580 Osborne 940 Custom Titanium Pocket Clip, 1.25″ Antique Plastic Colt Firearms Button #82 RARE Dark Green Art Deco. 5 feet tall Deluxe Model 12-in-1 Arcade Cabinet with Riser from Arcade1Up. 1 x Animal Skull Mini Cat Model Resin Figurine Gift, TRICKY TRUMP NEWSPAPER, NEW YORK DAILY NEWS, 9/27/19, 2PCS NEW YORK DAILY NEWS NEWSPAPER, NEW YORK DAILY NEWS NEWSPAPER, NEW Y RESIN BROWN WITH IVORIES THAI WAR ELEPHANT VINTAGE DECORATION. Vintage Authentic LEATHER BROWN COWBOY HAT KEY CHAIN WITH Bell, HAND MADE Glass Slipper Glitter Ball Ornament Disney Globe Cinderella NWT. HMC is the licensee. BRILLIANT NICKEL 9 cm x 9 cm 1 1/4″ Army Paratrooper Lapel Pin 14745SI Sticker with the China Southern Airlines logo, COMIC BOOKS For DETECTIVES Dark Pink Small German Glass Christmas Ornament 1000 GABRIELLE DELL OTTO TRADE VARIANT BATMAN NM OWC 3724b Orchid by Inge Glas. THE LUGE 1979 Junior World Championships pin GREEN Variant OF A FIL RARE PIN. 5th Anniversary Banpresto K-ON Mio Akiyama 7″ SQ Figure WDW 2005 D $1 Barcode WDW 2005 D $1 Barcode WDW 2005 D $1 Barcode UNCIRCULATED DUMBO IN MINT CONDITION Dollars from Disney World. Disney Globe Cinderella Glass Slipper Glitter Ball Ornament NWT, 1957 East Front Medal

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Cinderella’s popular shoes are thought to be the product of a mistranslation, with someone mistaking pantoufle de vair, or fur slipper, for pantoufle de verre, or glass slipper.
The only flaw with this interpretation is that pantoufle de verre appears in Perrault’s original text, indicating that this is not a case of mistranslation. It also doesn’t seem to be a case of mishearing, as Perrault wrote verre for vair while transcribing an oral account, despite the fact that vair, a medieval term, was no longer in use in French at the time. (Vair, variegated fur, is a root of miniver, originally menu vair, small vair, which referred to the prized ermine, or winter weasel fur, on the ceremonial robes of peers, and was later applied to the prized ermine, or winter weasel fur, on the ceremonial robes of peers.)

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Ella has a fantastic October with so few appearances.

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She finishes October as Mexico’s No. 1 All Breed. She received several Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show awards. We are incredibly proud of Ella and Martin and grateful to the judges for recognizing our princesses.
Ella spends the weekend in New York, winning Best in Breed and Best in Specialty show #8 at the Sleepy Hollow GSP Specialty. This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!
Ella starts her international journey in Mexico, where she competes in four shows and wins three Best in Shows and a Reserve Best in Show. What an exciting start, with co-owners Orlando, Santos, and Antonio cheering her on and Martin Egozcue introducing her to perfection. There are so many wonderful memories being made.
This has been an unforgettable month… Ella has won several Best in Breed awards, including her seventh specialty show. Then she travels to Florida for the AKC National Championship, where she is managed for the first time by Martin Egozcue and wins Best of Breed. Martin will present Ella in 2020, and we have huge plans for her future. We’re thrilled to be working with Texano to bring Ella to South America. Welcome to Hideaway Acres, Orlando Cano, Jose Santos Cano, and Jose Antonio Cano!

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Southwestern Virginia is home to Wise County (not too far from my previous projects with Bristol, Abingdon, and Marion). Wise, Norton, and St. Paul are three charming small towns in Wise County. I spent the majority of my time in St. Paul, which is home to the stunning Western Front Hotel. You can never want to leave because there is so much to do in such a small place.
The “WoodBooger” statue is located at Flag Rock Recreation Area. Based on evidence from the Animal Planet TV show “Finding Bigfoot,” which visited the area some years ago, it is suspected that “Woody WoodBooger” exists within the High Knob / Jefferson National Forest.
My obsession with small, boutique hotels is out of control. The Western Front Hotel in downtown St. Paul, Virginia, is stunning. You may never want to leave the hotel, with its great blend of flair and small-town charm. The rooms are big, modern, and spotless. After a day of exploring the city, the backyard venue is a perfect place to hang out at night, play cornhole, and just relax.