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In both instances, using photographs that you did not make necessitates a citation. Citations should be clear in the sense of the image’s use and should, if possible, connect back to the original image. Include a caption beneath the image, as well as a formal citation in your works cited section.

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In this global era, we must follow an ethical way of thinking about the world that emphasizes our commonalities while still recognizing our significant differences – cosmopolitanism. The films Dark Princess by W.E.B. Du Bois, Borderline by the Pool Group, and Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin, according to this study, show how cosmopolitanism can be put into motion. Each of these texts indicates that intercultural coalitions can be built when oppressed people use their alienation from society as a shared bond, based on their modernist questioning of identity creation and sense of double-consciousness. According to my understanding of these texts, in addition to feminism and socialism, which helped to shape cross-national political alliances, an anti-colonial and anti-racist position may also help to form cross-cultural coalitions. Recognizing the meaning of anti-colonialism and anti-racism helps us to see how important African American authors and interracial modernist works were in the growth of cosmopolitan thinking in the twentieth century.

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And these nights were being played out under a foreign sky, with no one to watch and no consequences—it was this last fact that proved to be our undoing, for nothing is more intolerable than freedom once you have it. I suppose that’s why I asked her to marry me in the first place: to give myself something to cling to. Perhaps it was for this reason that she agreed to marry me in Spain. Unfortunately, people can’t invent their mooring posts, lovers, or mates any more than they can invent their parents. Life gives them to us and takes them away, and it is a great challenge to say yes to life.
I felt humiliated. In its sweet disarray, the bed itself testified to vileness. When Joey’s mother saw the covers, I wondered what she would think. Then I remembered my father, who had no one else in the world but me because my mother died when I was a child. In my imagination, a dark cavern opened up, full of rumor and suggestion, of half-heard, half-forgotten, half-understood stories, and dirty words. In that cavern, I felt I saw my future. I was scared. I should have wept, wept out of guilt and fear, wept because I didn’t understand how this could have happened to me, how this could have happened inside me. And then I made my choice.

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When David meets Giovanni, he begins to feel like a wanderer himself. He was still uncertain about what he wanted, but he seemed to be uncovering new layers of his personality. He was no longer afraid to feel the feelings he had always denied. New discoveries and their challenges are still nerve-wracking, but there’s nothing like exploring a world where no sailor has ever set anchor. Giovanni was the love of David’s life, but he always tried to get away from him.
Throughout the book, David has the impression that Giovanni’s room is submerged. Within it, thoughts, interactions, and their bodies flowed like water. Days passed, and once within Giovanni’s bed, the outside world vanished. It was like a hidden world under the waves, and only two of them were aware of its existence. They were shaped and altered inside the room due to the fluidity; their beings were designed and broken down. All of it, though, had a logical flow to it. The days in the room both liberated and suffocated David, while also allowing Giovanni to blossom into a lover and murderer.