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I just completed a clinical rotation, and to commemorate the occasion, our entire group (ten of us) and our teacher went out to lunch. We each contributed $2, and one of the girls made an easter basket filled with chocolates, candies, and other goodies. We made her a card and included a photo of all of us in the lab (in our scrubs, of course) playing with one of the dummies… It was absolutely funny. And she seemed to be happy 🙂 Even if Easter has gone, the chocolate and candy basket concept could still be used… I don’t know many people who would object to that jfpruitt, a bouquet for the entire staff and a couple of lovely smelling roses for the preceptor (or a 1 lb. box of chololates for each shift) would suffice as a Thank You gift for this new floor for you. If you go too far, it might lead to doubts or hostility if you have a dispute with someone on the staff later. A handwritten note to the preceptor and a bouquet of daisies for the workers, in my opinion, would be the ideal touch. A handwritten note necessitates more effort than most people are willing to spend these days; it necessitates a level of personalization that ready-made thank you cards lack. Because of the work involved, I save the majority of handwritten cards I’ve got over the years. A tiny bouquet of daisies, on the other hand, still makes me happy.

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Are you looking for a wonderful gift that a Clinical Instructor would appreciate for the rest of their lives because it is special and thoughtful? Do you want to give Preceptors or Clinical Instructors an amazing-looking gift that will make their eyes light up as soon as they see it?
Well, I think I’ve found the answer to your dilemma! Everyone loves Yellow Cartoon Characters, and clinical instructors are proud of their profession, so I can draw a portrait of a yellow cartoon character that will make a preceptor or clinical instructor feel like she or he is a part of the cartoon!
A multimedia file with a yellow cartoon style portrait will be sent to you. There is no actual distribution, but the file can be printed on a poster, canvas, t-shirt, mug, beer bottle, or something else! If required, I can suggest a printing business.

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For the real nurses, here’s a question: I’m about to graduate and had two amazing senior practicum preceptors. I’d like to get each of them a small gift. I was going to keep it easy and go with coffee cards, but one of them doesn’t drink coffee, so it didn’t feel as intimate. I figured a bottle of wine would be more welcomed (we live in wine country, so local wine is a favorite of mine in general), but I didn’t want to seem inappropriate or unprofessional. My preceptors are both about my age (this is my second degree), so we get along well, but I’m also wary of crossing any boundaries. I mean, I’m not offering them tequila or something, but it’s still something. What do actual nurses have to say about it? Is it acceptable to give a nice bottle of wine as a thank you gift, or should I stick to something safer? There have been 11 views. 67 percent sharesavehidereport Voted up This discussion has been ended. There are no new comments or votes that can be made. Sort by the strongest.