Fresh pond whole foods

Fresh pond whole foods

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HalClarke229 has written 229 reviews. On the 22nd of January, 2019, I checked it out on my phone. Easy-to-prepare meals with a wide range of choices While staying in Cambridge, I ate here several times, especially at the Freepoint hotel next door. There’s a wide range of packaged food to carry out or eat in, like there is at most Whole Foods. There’s a nice salad bar here, as well as an antipasto bar, many soups, and a large hot food bar, as well as pizza, custom and premade deli, and more.
Soups with lentils, butternut squash, tomato bisque, and chicken noodle noodles are all delicious. There are many types of chicken wings, all of which are delicious. Brown rice and red quinoa in large vats were tasty and easy to add to entrees. The beef tips and General Tso’s chicken, as well as the beef stew, were delicious entrees.
A selection of items were available at the breakfast bar. We served the premade egg and cheese sandwiches with outstanding bacon and roasted potatoes on the side. The coffee in the house was excellent. There is free tap water available.
Prices are affordable, but not bargain basement. Soups are sold by volume, and dinners are sold by weight. The cost of a filling dinner for two people without drinks was more than $30. Quantities of lined cardboard containers are available. If you want to eat in, there is plenty of practical yet unglamorous seating in the front of the shop. It’s kept fairly clean and well-kept. The bathrooms in the back of the store are sufficient.

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Job Description: Performs all duties related to dishwashing and preserving the kitchen’s general cleanliness. Ensure a positive company reputation by delivering courteous, polite, and productive service to consumers and Team Members at all times in all Whole Foods Market Retail positions. Both positions must be carried out in conjunction with the team’s and the store’s SOPs. In addition, Team Members must be trained and capable of carrying out the responsibilities outlined in other Team Member job descriptions. All positions in the department must aim to support WFM core values and priorities, promote national, regional, and store programs and initiatives, and ensure adherence to all applicable health and safety regulations, including Food Safety and regulatory duties.
Note: The aim of this document is to provide a general overview of the position’s important responsibilities; it is not intended to be an exhaustive list. This list does not contain all work roles or criteria for each position. As one progresses through the job levels, requirements increase, so any job duties that were needed at a lower level may be required at a higher level in addition to the duties specified for that higher level. Due to market circumstances, departmental or geographic location, and/or needs for the specific role, roles, tasks, and other responsibilities for similar positions can differ. Before being considered for promotion, a person must demonstrate good performance in their current role. Furthermore, in order to be promoted to a higher-level position, there must be a business need for the promotion and the applicant must be the most suitable candidate for the new position. Certain achievements, such as earning an advanced degree or credential, working in a current position for a certain amount of time, or acquiring expertise to perform in a higher-level job, do not guarantee a promotion.

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You can go wherever you want, whenever you want. Our convenient location near major thoroughfares and public transit makes commuting to Somerville, Waltham, Burlington, Newton, or Woburn a breeze. With Alewife Redline Train Station, Route 2, Alewife Brook Parkway, and Fresh Pond Parkway all nearby, your choices are practically infinite. If you want to escape traffic, Cambridge is a walker’s and cyclist’s paradise, so you can still get where you want, when you want.
It’s the most wonderful place to come home to. A day full of adventure can come to a satisfying conclusion, and that is just what you will find at our Cambridge, MA apartments for sale. Relax in one of our contemporary homes, the well-kept BBQ/picnic area, or the welcoming media space.
Interested in finding more of what we’re talking about? For a personal guide, come to 87 New Street in Cambridge, MA 02138. We’re excited to provide you with more information and reasons to relocate as soon as possible!

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This center is surrounded by rooftops and high-rise condo and apartment communities on Cambridge’s north side, also known as the Fresh Pond/Alewife district. This area is situated to the west of Porter Square and features a dense concentration of retail (Whole Foods, Trader Joe’s, TJ Maxx) as well as many office buildings (Forrester Research, Abt Associates, Glaxo Smithkline) on Concord Ave.
Route 2, a major thoroughfare from the north, joins the retail corridor directly. The Alewife MBTA Station, which includes buses and the “Life Sciences Corridor” Red Line subway system, is within walking distance. This center benefits from commuters, workers, and broader trade area visitation, serving the wealthy suburbs of Cambridge, Belmont, East Arlington, and sections of Somerville.
1.5 miles to the southeast is Harvard University, and 1.5 miles to the northeast is Tufts University. Cambridge’s Harvard Square draws a large number of visitors during the year, making it a popular tourist destination.