Frankenstein comprehension check questions answer key

Frankenstein comprehension check questions answer key

Frankenstein packet answer key

It is difficult to create a single test that will satisfy the needs of all teachers who will be teaching Mary Shelley’s masterpiece. My Frankenstein Unit Test Maker comes with 118 test products to help you easily create the perfect evaluation.
Despite its briefness, Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein contains a wealth of information. Allusions/source materials, structure and structural effects, characterization, allegory, symbolism, theme creation, word choice, point of view, historical meaning, and more are covered in the evaluation banks.
12) “…a few shattered pines were scattered about; and the solemn silence of this majestic presence-chamber of imperial nature was only broken by the brawling waves or the fall of some enormous fragment, the avalanche’s thunder sound…”
15) “‘Slave, I’ve tried to reason with you before, but you’ve shown yourself unworthy of my contempt.” Remember that I am powerful; you will believe you are unhappy, but I can make you so miserable that the sun will hate you. You are my maker, but I am your master; follow my orders!’ This passage is a great example of…

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THE LIFE AND WORKS OF FRANKENSTEIN FRANKENSTEIN, a novel by Mary Shelley, was first published in 1818. The story has been retold and adapted for the stage, film, radio, television, and comic books since then. There is a
Act I: Act I: Act I: Act I: Act I: Act I: Act I: Act I: Act I: 1. Why has Reverend Parris summoned a doctor at the start of the play? Betty, his daughter, appears to be in a coma. 2. How does the doctor react with his or her advice? That he may Mary SHELLEY’s Frankenstein, retold by Patrick Nobes 1 ‘Captain! There’s movement on the ice!’ ‘Pay attention over there!’ The sailor was well above the Captain, at the top of the pole. His hand was pointing in the opposite direction.
Act I of Othello Study Guide Questions 1. What makes Iago so enraged with Othello? 2. What about Iago’s character is exposed when he says, “I am not what I am” (line 71)? 3. What kind of imagery does Iago employ in his story?
1 We all have our own set of laws. We hold some and discard others. And if we don’t hold any, we expect others to. After all, aren’t our relationships built on a person’s willingness to follow the rules we set? You, on the other hand,

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Victor leaves his family in Geneva at the age of seventeen to attend the university in Ingolstadt. Victor’s mother contracts scarlet fever from Elizabeth, whom she has been nursing back to health, and dies shortly before he leaves. She asks Elizabeth and Victor to marry on her deathbed. Victor travels to Ingolstadt several weeks later, still mourning.
When he arrives at the university, he finds a place to stay in town and arranges a meeting with M. Krempe, a professor of natural philosophy. Victor is further soured on the study of natural philosophy when Krempe tells him that all of his time researching the alchemists has been wasted. He then attends a chemistry lecture given by Professor Waldman. Victor is persuaded to pursue his studies in the sciences after hearing this lecture and meeting with the professor.
Victor dives headfirst into his studies, ignoring his social life and his family in Geneva, and makes rapid progress. Fascinated by the mystery of life’s origins, he starts to study how the human body is constructed (anatomy) and how it breaks down (death and decay). He masters all his professors have to teach him after years of hard work, and he goes one step further: he discovers the secret of life.

Frankenstein comprehension questions pdf

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