Frank kiang medical center

Frank kiang medical center

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Frank Kiang Medical Center (asian Health Services) is a primary care provider with a clinic/center (federally qualified health center (fqhc)) in Oakland, California. Frank Kiang Medical Center (asian Health ServicesNPI )’s number is 1003134545, and it was allocated in May 2010. 261QF0400X is the practitioner’s primary taxonomy code. The provider is a company with an NPI record that was last revised three years ago. Frank Kiang Medical Center is the provider’s other name. George Lee Md is the NPI record’s designated official (Medical Director) People with common medical conditions visit a primary care provider (PCP), such as Frank Kiang Medical Center. A doctor, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, or clinic that is normally interested in your long-term care could be your primary care provider. A primary care physician (PCP) can provide preventive care, treat common medical conditions, detect urgent medical issues, and refer you to specialists when needed. While primary care is typically given in an outpatient environment, your PCP may be able to assist you if you are admitted to the hospital. Hypertension, upper respiratory tract infections, depression or anxiety, back pain, arthritis, dermatitis, diabetes, urinary tract infections, and so on are the most common medical conditions seen by primary care providers.

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Summary: This is the first in a series of blog posts highlighting Asian American and Pacific Islander groups around the country that are making a difference in the fields of Healthier Communities, Sustainable Living, Education & Economic Opportunities, and Civil Rights.
The White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders aims to improve the quality of life and opportunities for Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders in general. Healthy Communities, Sustainable Living, Education & Economic Opportunities, and Civil Rights are the four “progress pods” in which we organize our work. The first in a series of blog posts highlighting groups around the country that are making a difference in these areas can be found below.
A young Cambodian woman with Down syndrome, congenital heart disease, and asthma was the first patient to walk through the Frank Kiang Medical Center’s brand-new doors. She had her last routine doctor’s appointment many years earlier with her pediatrician, but she had “aged out” of his career and no longer had a primary care physician. Her girlfriend, who accompanied her to the Medical Center, said she had been waiting for a long time to see a doctor because she was uninsured and couldn’t find one who would take new patients. She shared her love for the new clinic and the fact that she could now get primary care.

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In Oakland, California, Frank Kiang Medical Center (ASIAN HEALTH SERVICES) is a Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). Primary care clinics serve as the primary point of contact for patients of all ages, with general practitioners and family medicine physicians providing diagnosis and treatment. Frank Kiang Medical Center’s NPI number is 1003134545. Frank Kiang Medical Center’s current address is 250 E 18th St Fl 2, Oakland, California, and the phone number is 510-986-6860 and fax number is 510-986-6890. Frank Kiang Medical Center is located at 250 E 18th St Fl 2 in Oakland, California 94606-1729. (mailing address contact number – 510-986-6860). Information about the provider:
A facility or a portion of one that is used to diagnose and treat outpatients. The word “clinic/center” is poorly defined, often referring to organizations that tend to particular care needs or patient/client groups (e.g., primary care, radiology, poor, and public health).