Framingham state campus police

Framingham state campus police

‘no hate’: framingham state rallies after latest reported

FRAMINGHAM, MASSACHUSETTS — After a member of Framingham State University’s student government raised questions about a policy breach, campus police are being reminded to wear masks while approaching students.
Because of an average daily occurrence rate of 11.1 cases per 100,000 population over the previous 14 days, Framingham is one of 23 Massachusetts communities identified as a “red zone.” The 14-day average of positive tests was 2.49 percent, based on the total number of tests issued.
According to the newspaper, Carrier said she kept track of the dates and times she saw the activity. She also claimed that she has seen campus police officers without masks entering and leaving their offices.
“The police chief says the officers on bikes don’t wear masks because it’s difficult to breathe, but they put them back on while talking with people or stopping to speak to them,” Magazu said, referring to instances when students can see campus police officers without masks.

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Framingham is located in eastern Massachusetts, 20 miles (32 kilometers) west of Boston and in the middle of the Boston-Worcester corridor. It is bordered on the west by Southborough and Marlborough, on the south by Sherborn and Ashland, on the east by Natick, on the northeast by Wayland, and on the north by Sudbury.

Campus police chief brad medeiros introduces fsc alert

The classes were designed to help campus cops better understand their own prejudices and engage with the public. FSU faculty and staff were also welcome to attend the workshops, which attracted over 175 people over the course of two days.
Following a series of racially motivated events on campus, the trainings were planned. Inside residence halls, ethnic slurs directed at African Americans have been discovered five times this semester.
The curriculum, called “racial intelligence preparation,” teaches officers how to identify their unconscious prejudices and “hot buttons,” or emotional stimuli that set them off. Officers may learn to handle others more equally by understanding conditions that can elicit negative feelings, according to Webb.
Linda Webb, who explained the idea to FSU employees on Tuesday, said racial intelligence builds on previous diversity training. RITE’s theory encourages officers to use a mix of social and emotional intelligence to defuse contentious issues, rather than relying on skin color or multiculturalism.

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The University Police Department is hiring two University Police Officers (officially known as Campus Police Officer I (CPO I)). We’re looking for an experienced officer who can provide high-quality community policing while being versatile and sensitive.
University Police Officers must be able to think clearly and quickly in an emergency and perform related work as needed, establish and maintain harmonious working relationships with others, deal tactfully with others, interact with people who are in physical or emotional distress, follow oral and written instructions, and be willing to work nights, weekends, and holidays and report for duty at any time.
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