Four year plan template

Four year plan template

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A four-year plan is a list of classes that a high school student can take in order to meet the criteria for graduation and the diploma they want. Students will personalize their high school experience by taking courses that will prepare them for their potential college major and career, as well as ensuring that they graduate on time. The Indiana Graduation Plan (IGP), which includes a four-year high school course plan, keeps students on track to graduate. The IGP requirements begin in sixth grade, when students commit to finishing high school. Students in grades 8 and 9 begin to schedule their high school courses. Students in grades 10 through 12 can review their graduation plan at least once a year to ensure that they are on track to receive the diploma they want. They also keep track of their ISTEP+ and End-of-Course Assessment scores to see whether they can advance to the next grade.

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The sample four-year plans below are intended to provide some tips for sequencing your major courses, but most majors can be sequenced in a variety of ways. These plans are intended to help with preliminary planning. If you have any concerns, please contact your academic advisor.
Physics/Engineering Dual Degree (BA), Beginning with Calculus IPhysics/Engineering Dual Degree (BA), Beginning with Calculus IIPhysics/Engineering Dual Degree (BA), Beginning with Calculus III
Pre-engineering physics, starting with calculus IPhysics, pre-engineering physics, starting with calculus II

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DegreeWorks: You can use your MavLink to access DegreeWorks.

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Learn how to read DegreeWorks with this guide.

4 year plan template for high school

Determine which Undergraduate Catalog you are on, as this will determine your college and major requirements.

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View a video guide on how to search the catalog and find what you’re looking for.
Any student who wishes to graduate from UNO must complete the University General Education requirements.
To read more about these requirements, go here.
The College of Arts and Sciences is a two-year college that focuses on the arts and sciences
These standards are unique to our university.
Main: These prerequisites are exclusive to the major you’ve selected. These specifications can be found in Degreeworks and the UNO Catalog. Pre-Health: These are the prerequisites for applying to technical schools. These standards are not required for graduation from UNO, but they are essential to include in your Academic Plan if you want to pursue a Pre-Health career. To read more about these requirements, go here.


All students are encouraged to develop an academic plan that represents their personal and educational aspirations, clarifies expectations, and maximizes the undergraduate experience. Even with meticulous preparation, students are likely to encounter difficulties along the way. The OAA is dedicated to assisting students with academic preparation and overcoming obstacles. The resources listed below will help you explore options and create a personalized academic plan.
The Academic Plan Template is a tool developed by the OAA that students can use to plan which courses they will take to meet graduation requirements. The process of creating a four-year plan starts with the use of the matriculation year’s General Announcements, which act as the official document governing both the general degree and academic major standards that students must meet. Bear in mind that a four-year plan is a living document; it is normal for students’ priorities and expectations to change, so keep the plan flexible and keep it electronically so that changes can be made quickly.