Fit to fat to fit season 2

Fit to fat to fit season 2

From fit to fat to fit with drew manning – ep. 29

“On Monday, January 8, 2018, at 6 p.m. PT, the revolutionary docuseries Fit to Fat to Fit will premiere on Lifetime with a six-hour marathon. The series follows a group of personal fitness trainers who are about to embark on the world’s most intense weight-loss experiment: pushing themselves to gain massive amounts of weight in order to better understand the hardships of their obese friends and family as they lose weight together.
Four new trainers are taking on Drew Manning’s challenge, which he started in 2012 to bridge the gap between him and his overweight brother-in-law by purposefully gaining 75 pounds to better understand the stigma and difficulties of weight loss. In California and Arizona, a group of spouses, relatives, and sisters – one of whom is a personal trainer and the other who wants to lose weight – agree to embark on a creative transformation journey.
Fit to Fat to Fit watches each pair of trainers as they gain weight under medical supervision before reuniting with their partner to begin their four-month transformation. At the conclusion of the marathon, it will be revealed if each pair met their weight-loss targets. This moving and inspiring journey examines the peaks and lows of a difficult and traumatic process that many Americans face on a daily basis.

Fit to fat to fit: fallon’s retrospective | a&e

My wife received a phone call from a casting firm in the spring of 2016 asking her to appear on the A&E hit television show “Fit To Fat To Fit” (Season 2). She’s a personal trainer, and she was teaching a client inside the gym at the time. Since I was waiting in the car, I answered her call on her cellphone. I recall watching Season 1 with her and hearing her express disappointment because she preferred to see real-life coaches, such as independents or mothers like herself, rather than aspiring actors or gym owners. I was surprised because I had no idea she had applied for the show…
I told the producer that my wife was at work, but then I blurted out, “I’m Fat.” (Thinking I might be my wife’s client – right?!!) They responded with a chuckle that the show is about a personal trainer who surprises a client by gaining weight and then losing it along with them. They predicted it would never succeed, but they praised her audition tape and advised her to find a suitable client…
I managed to keep the crew occupied for about 30 minutes before Jess returned to the vehicle. Needless to say, we were successful. Perhaps we inspired the show’s new theme, allowing the client to train anyone they like.

From “fit to fat to fit” to fat again!

The Fit2Fat2Fit Adventure

How to lose weight | trainer gains and loses 60 pounds

Drew Manning of www.fit2fat2fit.com joins the Fit2Fat2Fit Experience Podcast. Drew brings to the podcasting community his unique outlook on health and fitness. Drew received international media attention by blogging and writing a NY Times Best Selling book about his experience of gaining and losing 75 pounds on purpose (Fit2Fat2Fit). Drew explores why diets fail and why people lose weight just to gain it back. Why does it seem to be so difficult? Since concentrating solely on diet and exercise is insufficient. Long-term sustainability hinges on overall health and wellbeing, which our industry often overlooks. Drew responds to your questions and interviews business leaders to reveal the secrets to true change and long-term success. Working out and eating healthy foods are just two aspects of good health; mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being are also important. Join us on this journey of change from the inside out!


Fit to Fat to Fit is the most recent addition to the fitness and wellness reality shows, debuting on January 19, 2016. The healthy lifestyle show, produced by Gaspin Media and Renegade 83, airs on the A&E network in the United States.
Fit to Fat to Fit has a theme that can be deduced from the description. Overweight people encounter personal trainers in this program who assist them in being slimmer and healthier. However, in this season, the practitioners will do something unusual: they will significantly raise their food consumption in order to gain a substantial amount of weight, which they will then lose along with their obese clients. The main concept is that the trainers ought to put themselves in their clients’ shoes in order to improve as specialists.
Despite the program’s just cause, Fit to Fat to Fit has received some backlash. The controversial and risky experiment is regarded as harmful to one’s health and even cruel. It created a lot of interest on social media and among health advocates, but it didn’t draw in millions of viewers to the broadcasting site. Season 1 had a little more than 0.7 million viewers. Fit to Fat to Fit currently has a 74 percent rating, despite only receiving 70 votes.