Fire in the hole far cry 5

Fire in the hole far cry 5

Far cry 5 fire in the hole prepper stash location | wellington

Fire In The Hole is a puzzle in Far Cry 5 that you must solve in the Holland Valley area. It’s one of several Prepper Stash locations scattered throughout the game, each of which rewards you until you solve and find out how to get to it. We have posts on endings, fishing, and perks if you’re interested in learning more about Far Cry 5. Solution to the “Fire in the Hole”
You’re looking for a spot south of Orville Creek (directly south of the Miller Residence). It’ll be a long walk, so bring a good shotgun to take out any predators you can encounter along the way.
There are still a lot of snakes, so if you’re trying to be stealthy, keep an eye out for any slithering threats. After you’ve taken out all of the cultists, go outside and read the Prepper Stash hint before entering the hut.
You’ll come to another obstacle if you turn left, then right. Destroy it to gain access to a massive cavern with a chasm in the middle. Shoot the wooden planks in the wall to your left that are blocking the water, then swim over to the other side as the water level increases.

Far cry 5 – “fire in the hole” – prepper stash guide

One of the most significant locations in Far Cry 5 is the prepper cache. They’re hidden hiding spots with three perk magazines and a few extra treats in each. You’ll need to find them all if you want to unlock as many abilities as possible. There are about a dozen of them in John’s area, Holland Valley. We’ve compiled a list of all Far Cry 5 prepper stash locations in John’s region to assist you in your search. There are also prepper caches in Jacob’s area. If you’re having problems with the Faith’s area prepper stashes, we’ve written about them as well. The rest of the article can be found below. Prepper’s cache at Swingers This one is east of Rae-Pumpkin Rae’s Farm, at the southwest end of the Bridge of Tears. The search begins with a note on the west bank of the river, while the stash is on the east bank. You’ll need to travel the underside of the bridge with your grappling hook, swinging from one support beam to the next before you find the hiding spot.
Stockpile of High-Tension Preppers
The trail begins at the Lincoln Lookout Tower, which is located southwest of Rae-Rae’ Pumpking farm. The stash is in a silo to the southeast of the tower. Simply use the ziplines to get from one platform to the next before you reach the silo once you’ve found the note.

Far cry 5: fire in the hole – prepper stash walkthrough

Fire In The Hole in Far Cry 5 is a puzzle that you must solve in the Holland Valley region.

Far cry 5 fire in the hole prepper stash location

It’s one of the many Prepper Stash locations available in the game. They all have belonings, but in order to retrieve them, you must first solve the puzzle and understand how to retrieve them. oplossing oplossing oplossing oplossing oploss
The location you require is located to the south of Orville Creek (die dan weer in het zuiden ligt van de Miller Residence). It’s a long walk, so bring a good shotgun in case you come across any vijanden or wild animals on your way.
Other objects can be found in each stash. This may include munitions and guns, as well as Perk Points and money. They’re therefore ideal for players who want to invest a lot of money and unlock a lot of perks early on in the game.

Fire in the hole | prepper stash location & solution | far cry 5

The note was discovered on a rock outside the house. After reading the letter, go back into a corner of the building and drop down into the mine through a hole in the floor. Continue forward and break through the barrier. Turn right and follow the road until you reach a left turn. Kill the cultist and go on your way. Remove more cultists by passing through another wooden barrier. Continue through the barriers and cultists until you enter a wide open field. Look to the left to cross the chasm and destroy the rocks blocking the water’s flow. Swim through the chasm until the water level has increased enough. To find the stash, follow the direction on the other side.