Fight for air climb boston

Fight for air climb boston

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ANDOVER, MASSACHUSETTS – UniCare workers raised more than $3,600 for respiratory research by engaging in the American Lung Association’s (ALA) Battle for Air Climb Boston this spring.
UniCare’s general manager, David Morales, said, “UniCare and its entire Bay State workforce are dedicated to bettering the lives of the people and communities we represent. To address important health concerns, we will continue to work with groups like the American Lung Association. Although we weren’t able to join forces and scale the 789 stairs of One Boston Place this year, I’m thankful that UniCare workers rallied at home to help critical respiratory study, which is required now more than ever.”
This year’s stair climb, which was originally scheduled to take place at One Boston Place in Boston, was shifted to a virtual format, with participants encouraged to hike one of the Boston area’s walking trails. UniCare has put together a team to support ALA’s campaign for the second year, and this is the first year UniCare has funded the event.

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This spring, enter the American Lung Association for the 15th annual Boston Battle For Air Climb on Saturday, March 28, 2020! Your contribution will help us achieve our goal of saving lives by promoting lung health and preventing lung disease.
The 789 stairs of One Boston Place can be climbed solo or as part of a team. The first climber will begin at 8:00 a.m., and each climber after that will begin in 10-second intervals. Around 12:30 p.m., the Firefighter Division will take the stage, and viewers will be awestruck as over 600 firefighters from across the country ascend the stairs in full gear.
This spring, enter the American Lung Association for the 15th annual Boston Battle For Air Climb on Saturday, March 28, 2020! Your contribution will assist us in achieving our goal of saving lives…

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The American Lung Association (ALA) has been fighting for safe lungs and improved air quality since 1904. The American Lung Association has been a guiding force behind lung health and disease prevention in America, from finding an effective cure for children with tuberculosis and the cause of infant respiratory stress syndrome to improving the Clean Air Act and passing the Tobacco Control Act. Lung cancer remains the most common cancer in both men and women in the United States, and while air quality has improved dramatically over the last 20 years, nearly 138.5 million people—nearly 44 percent of the population—live in areas where pollution levels are often unhealthy.
Although the ALA’s overall success has been fueled by research, education, and activism, the organization is a strong advocate for public funding. Every year, a variety of activities are organized to raise awareness and funds. The Battle For Air Climb is one of its most successful fundraisers. This annual phenomenon, now in its eleventh year, takes place in a variety of locations around the country and is performed in prominent skyscrapers, stadiums, or arenas designed to challenge participants as they walk, drive, or race up hundreds of stairs.

American lung association fight for air climb in boston, ma

The famous Battle For Air event at the AON Center in downtown Los Angeles was the highest climb of the weekend. As they prepared to tackle the 1,393 steps, some famous faces from the ranks of the West Coast’s elite climbers were decked out in their sleeveless, dri-fit finery.
The super-fast John “Renegade” Osborn took the overall win in a time of 8:39, building on a strong showing at the Strat last month. Just behind him was “The Widowmaker” Jeff Dinkin, who finished in 9:01, shaving 23 seconds off his previous best time. Chris Whitney, dubbed “The Irvine Berzerker,” came in seventh (9:10).
Julie-Rae “The Step Slayer” Steinmeyer won the women’s division in 10:25, with “The Eternal Blossom” Veronica Stocker (10:53) taking second and “The Chosen One” Lisa Zeigel rounding out the podium in third (12:38).
Climbers in Sacramento also took on the 612 steps of the Wells Fargo Center for the American Lung Association on Saturday. “Dr. Jekyll” Robert Hyde, who turns into some kind of beast when he enters a stairwell, was the fastest on the day, winning in 5:06. Vadim “The Elevator Racer” Koval was just four seconds behind him, and Joseph “Joey Nuts” Robles was seventh.