External antenna for smartphone

External antenna for smartphone

How to make hidden smart phone antenna for increase 3g 4g

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Diy long range fm antenna for smartphone

I’ve considered swapping carriers in order to get a hotspot that supports external antennas, as well as keeping an 8dBi antenna in my backpack to use on the train table. Then it occurred to me that I could do the same thing with my mobile phone and avoid the hassle.
Any of those antennas may be dual-band, multi-band, MIMO, or other technologies. Simply “connecting an antenna” to an unknown port on a board may cause the circuit to be damaged. Aside from that, the ports you list may be for diagnostics during the board/manufacturing circuit’s phase.
Consider investing in a small 12V/battery-powered 3G booster. There are a number of stores that sell them, but you’ll need to bring the booster, battery, donor antenna, and distribution antenna with you on your trip.
For the base install, I used a booster from http://www.myamplifiers.com, and it worked well. However, since this is a home installation, the equipment is different. There are amplifiers designed for mobile applications that operate on a 12V supply, but I have no experience with them.

Galaxy s4 external antenna – review and tutorial

Mobile phones used to have massive antennas. Consider the Motorola DynaTAC, which was one of the first commercially popular mobile phones. That thing had a huge antenna on top, making it appear to be around the same size as the Chrysler building. Phones with extendable antennas became available a decade later. Look at this Motorola StarTAC, which was one of the most popular phones in the early 2000s.
This wasn’t the only handset with an antenna like this. At the time, it was very popular. When the antenna wasn’t in use, it slipped into the phone. Of course, this resulted in almost everybody on the planet catching the antenna with their teeth if they wanted to take a call quickly. You can see it all the time in period movies.
Antennas were built-in by the early smartphone period. On many of these phones, an external antenna was still an option. On the back, there was normally a rubber stopper. There was a push-on connector behind it if you removed it. If you chose, you could add an antenna to it.

Where are smartphone antennas??? long antennas vs

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The antenna itself functioned well, but only after it had broken my new smartphone. When I remove the antenna, I get no reception. I’m in desperate need of a new one right now. For this, you’ll need a real connector.
VERY IMPORTANT! This isn’t a guide to BOOSTING a CURRENT antenna. It’s all about using the EXTERNAL antenna port on the phone’s side or back to effectively REPLACE the phone’s built-in antenna. Your phone has trained itself to search for the antenna that is already operational, so if you remove it, it will be unable to locate it on its own. It must be prodded into doing so.
The aspect that most people don’t know is that the antenna portion should never be grounded to the outside of the connector; it should only ever contact the antenna port’s middle hole. Also, antennas near cell towers or radio stations can bear a lot of voltage, which could have grounded on the phone’s PC board and killed it. Another possibility is that when you dropped the handset, the small antenna wire within the phone or the antenna plate became disconnected. I recommend disassembling it and reconnecting the antenna, particularly if it’s out of warranty, so you can have some fun with it, probably repair it, and most importantly, learn from it.