Excel public charter school kent

Excel public charter school kent

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After Excel Public Charter School and Destiny Charter Middle School, both part of the multi-state Green Dot charter chain, declared their closures this month due to low enrollment, families are struggling to pick up the pieces and find out what went wrong.
The son of Alycia Jones had suffered in high school. Before Jones discovered Excel Public Charter School in Kent, he was in special education and spent nearly all of his time alone in special ed classrooms. Small class sizes and more time in an inclusive environment with traditionally developing peers were promised by the school. Jones claims that the combination has paid off after only one year at the school. “This year, he has made more gains in reading than every other year,” Jones said. Jones said she was one of only a few parents who showed up for a parent meeting held at the school on Friday morning. She went into the meeting expecting a small announcement, such as a shift in the school uniform. Instead, school administrators informed parents that the school will close permanently at the end of the school year, which is one week from Friday. Jones couldn’t believe what he was seeing. She said that her parents were crying. Jones is at a loss about what to do with her son this fall. “Not every school works for these kids, particularly when they have disabilities,” Jones said. For certain people, Excel didn’t fit.

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Excel Public Charter School made history when it was chosen as one of the first public charter schools in Washington state. We are a private, non-selective public school that welcomes all students. We will welcome our first group of 6th and 7th grade students in August 2015. We will grow each year until we hit grades 6-12 in 2021.
The goal of Excel is to provide all students with an academically rigorous, STEM-focused, college preparatory education that prepares them for academic and personal success in college and in life. Importantly, through character education and culturally sensitive pedagogy, we hope to inspire our students to become agents of positive change in their communities.

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The Green Dot Public Schools are a collection of public schools located in the city of Green Two of Washington’s campuses, Destiny Middle School in Tacoma and Excel Public Charter School in Kent, have been voted to close at the end of the current school year. Both of these schools faced major difficulties as a result of low student enrollment and other organizational issues. Though current students are making academic progress, the Green Dot Washington Board has determined that the organization’s programs in Tacoma and Kent cannot be sustained. Green Dot has announced that it will simplify operations and continue to deliver a middle and high school program at Seattle’s Rainier Valley Leadership Academy.
First and foremost, our thoughts and prayers are with the enrolled students, families, employees, and communities that have been directly affected by the school closure. Students, friends, and workers at Green Dot are all receiving transition assistance.
Closure is challenging, but these advances show that the industry is committed to continuous improvement, efficiency, rigor, and equity. Although school closure is never a desirable outcome, one of the charter public school sector’s greatest strengths is its ability to react, adapt, and change rapidly when something isn’t working. We’re all learning these lessons together as a sector, and we’re looking for feedback from parents, students, neighbourhoods, and communities.

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A concerning indication is that, as compared to comparable students in the state, students at this school are making less academic progress. Low progress combined with low test scores means that students begin at a disadvantage and gradually slip further behind their peers.
This school’s test scores are below the state average, which is concerning. This indicates that the majority of students at this school are likely not performing at grade level. Parental advice Inquire about the school’s efforts to assist students who are falling behind. To find the best opportunities for your child to excel, learn what on-track learning looks like… More and look at higher-performing schools in your state.
A concerning sign: Disadvantaged students at this school may be slipping behind their peers in the state, and there may be major achievement gaps at this school. Does this school have opportunities for all of its pupils, or does it exclude some? Schools that are effective know how to close the achievement gap.