Evolution multiple choice questions and answers

Evolution multiple choice questions and answers

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1. According to a medical researcher, the increased prevalence of asthma in adults in the early twenty-first century relative to previous generations is due to immune system overreactions that have not been adequately challenged by previous allergen exposure. Which of the following forms of data is most likely to support this hypothesis?
This query allows the examinee to show that they understand how to view scientific evidence. According to the researcher, an increase in the prevalence of adult asthma is linked to a decrease in childhood allergen exposure. The best evidence to support the investigator’s theory would be data showing a connection between adults diagnosed with asthma and the absence of pets in their childhood environments.
2. The AIDS-causing human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) is thought to have arisen in central African chimps and first appeared in humans between 1915 and 1940. In the early 1980s, the first cases of AIDS were discovered. Which of the above was most likely to blame for the virus’s eventual global spread?

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Teachers are often confronted with challenging questions about evolution, many of which come from parents and others who disagree with evolution being taught. These questions have good scientific answers, which build on the evidence for evolution as well as the nature of science. This chapter contains brief responses to some of the most frequently asked questions.
In the broadest context, evolution explains why what we see now differs from what occurred previously. Galaxies, stars, the solar system, and the earth have all evolved over time, as has life on the planet.
Biological evolution is the study of shifts in living beings over the course of the earth’s history. It describes how all living things have ancestors in common. Evolutionary transition produces new species over time. This method was dubbed “descent with alteration” by Darwin, and it is still a good definition of biological evolution today.
The beliefs behind “creation science” are based on the belief that God created the universe—including humans and other living things—all at once in the recent past. However, scientists from a variety of fields have looked into these claims and found them to be scientifically unsound. Many different methods of determining the age of rocks, for example, are incompatible with evidence for a very young planet. Furthermore, since creation science’s fundamental propositions are not tested and checked, they do not meet the standards for science. Indeed, US courts have found that creation science theories are religious beliefs that cannot be taught alongside evolution.

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This quiz will test your simple understanding of ‘human evolution.’ The questions in this group are of a medium difficulty. Choose the most appropriate response from the four options provided. When you’ve completed as many of the questions as possible, scroll down to the bottom of the page and press ‘Get score’ to review your answers. Along with the correct answers, the percentage score will be shown.