Essential oils for tourettes

Essential oils for tourettes

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I’m taking a break from my normal DIY posts today to open up and share something personal. I don’t want to do this on a regular basis, but I do want to raise consciousness about something that is really close to my heart. Today I’d like to discuss Tourette Syndrome with you. With so much to think, it’s difficult to know where to begin. I could tell you so much about Tourette’s, but I’ll try not to bore you with too many specifics and facts. What I want to do is educate you about a disease that many people are unaware of.
Tourette Syndrome is a disorder that has been the subject of many jokes.
It isn’t the swearing disease, as many people believe.
Coprolalia is the utterance of socially unacceptable words or phrases by less than 15% of individuals.
Tourette’s syndrome has been made to seem amusing in films such as Deuce Bigalow and What About Bob?, as well as by many actors, who have made many people (including myself) laugh.
Tourette’s disease, on the other hand, is not to be laughed at.
Here are some basic information regarding this illness:

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Tourette syndrome (TS) is a neurological condition that was first identified and described by French neurologist Dr. George Gilles de la Tourette in 1825, though it is now believed that many historical figures, including Samuel Johnson and Mozart, were sufferers before that. Tourette syndrome is described by the presence of involuntary physical (motor) and vocal tics (not always at the same time) on a daily or irregular basis over the course of a year. It usually appears before the age of 21, and most often around the age of seven. The condition is not life threatening, and it is often so minor that no care is needed. It can deteriorate during puberty and then improve with age.
People with TS frequently have an IQ that is equivalent to their peers. Obsessions, compulsive behavior, autism, hyperactivity and ADHD, impulse control challenges, sleep disturbances, anxiety, depression, restless leg syndrome, heightened sensitivity to sensory stimuli, and learning difficulties are all common symptoms associated with the disease.

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We didn’t use this oil because our son’s motor tic had significantly improved prior to getting it. His motor tic returned when school resumed after the Christmas break. We’ve only been using this oil for a week and haven’t noticed any difference. It’s something we’re still working on. I love the scent, and he does as well! The seller is quick to respond, and the shipping was lightning fast.
We take questions about intellectual property very seriously, but many of these issues can be addressed directly between the parties concerned. We recommend contacting the seller directly to express your complaints in a friendly manner.

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A mother made an essential oil blend for her child who was “extremely hyperactive, impulsive, destructive, and had difficulty concentrating on assignments, schoolwork, or orders” a few years ago. Her child suffers from Tourette Syndrome. Her blend is said to have taken families by storm and has become so famous and sought after that she now sells it under the name Peaceful Boy.
ADHD, anxiety, sensory processing disorder, emotional trauma, fear/panic, stress, destructive or impulsive behaviors; neurological disorders, hypertension, and insomnia are all believed to benefit from the oils in this blend. Since it nourishes nerves and soothes the whole central nervous system, Peaceful Child is emotionally calming. It induces an intense, languid state of relaxation, has sedative effects, and relieves nerve tension. Restores optimism and mental fortitude, as well as a positive outlook on life. Pressure associated with rage and trauma is relieved, and mind chatter is minimized.