Elementary schools in lowell ma

Elementary schools in lowell ma

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The result? Accurate comparisons between colleges, school districts, and communities in the same (or different) areas, as well as between schools in different states.
It is well recognized that the standard of education offered by public schools differs significantly from one school district to the next, as well as from one city to the next. Furthermore, within any city or area, the standard of a child’s education can differ significantly from neighborhood to neighborhood.

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The new Morey School in Lowell, Massachusetts is envisioned as a modern community school for 530 PreK-4 students. The new building’s amenities are planned to be used by people of all ages for leisure activities, adult literacy programs, and community meetings. The building takes advantage of its proximity to a neighborhood park to provide both indoor and outdoor play and learning spaces for its students. The building is built so that all classrooms face north or south, allowing mechanical systems to be designed to create the most consistent interior atmosphere while also allowing all classrooms to benefit from natural day light. Both kindergarten and pre-kindergarten classrooms are on the first floor, with easy access to the outside, maximizing the potential for developmental growth of the school’s youngest students. There are typical enhancement spaces (art and music) as well as a science room and a computer lab at the school. Multiple smaller-group rooms are conveniently placed near each classroom to allow for group work, advanced teaching, and parental participation in the educational program.

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This State (MA) has the following number of schools: 26 schools, 1,854 schools, and 14,436 students.

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There are 953,660 students and 1,042 teachers.

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14:113:1 Student-to-Teacher Ratio Comparison of Districts For the 2017-2018 school year, Lowell School District was ranked in the bottom half of all 403 school districts in Massachusetts (based on combined math and reading proficiency testing data). Over the course of five school years, the district’s graduation rate rose from 75% to 80%.
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Lowell Elementary School, named after James Russell Lowell, an American Romantic poet, critic, writer, and diplomat, first opened its doors in September 1913. Lowell, a Harvard graduate, used his poetry to share his anti-slavery sentiments. In 1877, he was appointed as an ambassador to Spain and then England. Writers like Mark Twain and H.L. Mencken admired his use of dialect and satires.
Lowell only served students in grades one through four during its early years. Washington School served students in grades five through eight from the local area. The school, which cost $3,600 to build, had four classrooms and a basement. There was no library in Lowell, and there was no formal PE curriculum or playground equipment. Since the playground was mostly made of clay, Lowell had plenty of mud whenever it rained. Despite the lack of formal PE services, many students were given informal swimming lessons each year when they fell into Sand Creek, which ran along the playground’s north side. Lowell’s basement was flooded twice a year by the creek, adding to the suspense!