Edie & thea a very long engagement

Edie & thea a very long engagement

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In “Edie,” a film about an 83-year-old woman who wants to climb a mountain, there are two breathtaking scenes. The first is the Scottish countryside’s stunning scenery. The second is Sheila Hancock, a veteran of the Royal Shakespeare Company, who plays Edie, an 83-year-old English woman who was once “a wild girl” and longs to be one again, if only until it’s too late. Edie is going through the attic boxes when she comes across a postcard from her late father. Notice how this scene’s subtle sound design evokes her memories of their camping trips, which she enjoyed until she married a cold, oppressive man who kept her alone and refused to let her leave. Edie became a dutiful, if resentful, full-time caregiver for 30 years after her husband suffered a stroke that rendered him unable to speak or walk.

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In “Edie,” an uneven dramedy from U.K. commercials director Simon Hunter, working from a script by Elizabeth O’Halloran that has a huge problem in tone and a lot of clichéd contrivance, a bitter, proud Scottish widow tries to cross an important thing off her bucket list before moving into a retirement home. Although there’s plenty of drama in the idea that octogenarian Edie Moore (the wonderful Sheila Hancock) wants to climb Mount Suilven in the Highlands, the filmmakers overuse crude slapstick to weaken the integrity of their appealing protagonist. Hancock depicts a tenacious heroine who deserves more than the shabby and patronizing care she gets. The ravishing and varied scenery, even if shot a little like a tourist board commercial, is the only thing that does not disappoint.
Edie has recently lost her husband, who spent the last 30 years of his life in a wheelchair, unable to walk or speak, and relied on her for treatment. Nancy (Wendy Morgan), Edie’s brusque daughter, wants to rush a move from the family home to a nursing home without noticing that Edie isn’t quite ready. Nancy becomes enraged after snooping into her mother’s private journal, which details the angry emotions she couldn’t express.

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Edie is a 2017 British drama film written by Elizabeth O’Halloran and directed by Simon Hunter. Sheila Hancock, Kevin Guthrie, and Paul Brannigan star in the film. Debbie Wiseman wrote the score. In 2016, principal photography in the Scottish Highlands began.
The film’s principal photography began in May 2016. The village of Lochinver and the mountain Suilven in the Northern Scottish Highlands were the key filming locations. Sheila Hancock, who claims to be the oldest female to climb the mountain, did it all by herself. [number four] [5][6][7][8][9][10][ In March of 2017, the film was finished.

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Sheila Hancock gives a standout performance in Simon Hunter’s Edie, which transforms a fairly conventional story into a genuinely inspiring tale of overcoming loss and starting over later in life.
Hancock plays Edie, an elderly woman who has been caring for her husband for the past thirty years after a blood clot made him dependent on her. Her daughter wants to send her to a home after he dies, but Edie has other thoughts. She has long treasured a postcard from her now-deceased father promising that they will one day reunite on Suilven, one of Scotland’s most distinctive mountains. She packs her belongings and heads north, oblivious to the severity of what she is about to do.
Hancock is fantastic in this role, which necessitates her being on-screen for the majority of the movie. Her reserve and range – her facial expressions alone show a wide range of emotions, often all at once – are truly amazing. The story may not be original, but the script by Elizabeth O’Halloran – based on a story by director Hunter and Edward Lynden-Bell – evokes deep emotion at its heart, embedding itself in Edie’s own resolve and the tender relationship she forms with Jonny (Kevin Guthrie), the co-owner of a local mountaineering shop who evolves from paid trainer to true friend over the course of a year.