Easy to use lighter for arthritis

Easy to use lighter for arthritis

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Gardening is a great way to get some exercise, but if you have arthritis, repeated activities will cause swelling (inflammation) and discomfort, and you will need to take a break before the flare-up passes. To keep your joints and muscles mobile without straining them, strike a balance between exercising them and resting them. ‘Little and often’ is normally the right approach, but moving jobs can also help. The following suggestions should assist you in avoiding flare-ups:
Don’t feel obligated to keep going until you’ve completed the task. Switching from one activity to another every 20 minutes will allow you to rest some joints while exercising others. Break up more difficult tasks, such as weeding, with periods of gentler work, such as pricking out seedlings.
An occupational therapist will be able to assist you if a job is causing you difficulty or discomfort. They’ll help you figure out why the job is causing you pain, and they’ll make suggestions for improvements to your workflow or resources that will alleviate the pressure.
When carrying objects, raise with your hands and arms rather than just your fingers to distribute the load. Consider resting a tray of seedlings on your forearms. Reduce the pressure on your shoulders and elbows by keeping your elbows tucked in.

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Exercising can help people with arthritis relieve pain and discomfort in their joints. Resistance, aerobic, and range-of-motion exercises are the three basic forms of exercise. The best way to improve joint health and reduce arthritis pain is to incorporate a number of these types of exercises. Of course, every exercise program should be discussed with your doctor, particularly during a flare-up.
According to studies, people with arthritis who exercise experience less discomfort than those who do not. We’ve put together a list of low-impact and joint-friendly exercises to help you stay active.
Using Weights That Aren’t Attached – Dumbbells, barbells, weight plates, medicine balls, kettlebells, and other similar items fall into this group. Lifting weights has many advantages for managing arthritis pain and is an essential part of your overall health. If you have arthritis, the general rule of thumb is to use lighter weights and do more repetitions to avoid injury.

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