Dyson center for cancer care

Dyson center for cancer care

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Vassar Brothers Medical Center, which was established in 1887 and is now part of Health Quest Systems, Inc., offers a wide range of medical and surgical services to residents of the Mid-Hudson Valley, including the underserved and uninsured. The Dyson Center for Cancer Care is the only regional provider with multiple specialized facilities, including a full-service radiation treatment facility.
The Vassar Brothers Medical Center Foundation received funding from the Dyson Foundation in 2014 to establish a one-stop, standalone center for breast health in the hospital’s new ambulatory surgery center. The Dyson Breast Center, which opened in 2015, is predicted to see nearly 16,000 patient visits a year, up 31% from three years ago.
The new Breast Center dedicates more than half of its 11,500 square feet to imaging and treatment equipment, as well as two new three-dimensional mammography units that are separate from the existing Dyson Center for Cancer Care.

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• Cardio-Oncology• Stomach Cancer• Gynecologic Oncology• Head and Neck Surgery• Infusion Therapy• Liver and Pancreas Surgery• Supportive Care• Surgical Oncology• Thoracic Oncology
The Dyson Center for Cancer Treatment has everything you need for cancer care in the Mid-Hudson Valley. This facility provides care and support services to patients and their families in one safe and convenient outpatient environment.
The medical oncology team at Health Search Medical Practice, P.C. offers patients and families in the Mid-Hudson Valley with customized cancer care. To have a multidisciplinary approach to cancer care, the medical oncology team collaborates with surgical oncologists and radiation oncologists*. To improve the quality of specialized treatment given to patients, medical oncologists retain a disease-based emphasis.
When you or a loved one is diagnosed with cancer and requires surgery, you want the most up-to-date surgical procedures available near to home. Specialized surgeons who have undergone additional fellowship training as oncologic specialists are part of the Health Search Medical Practice cancer surgery team. Many of the surgeons specialize in minimally invasive procedures to speed healing and relieve pain and discomfort.

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“Dr. Salem is one of the most knowledgeable doctors I’ve met during my second pregnancy. He listens to all of my concerns and provides me with factual, easy-to-understand medical information to put my mind at ease. He has a great bedside manner, and he is compassionate, empathetic, and insightful. In a week and two days, I’ll deliver via induction, and I’m thrilled that he’ll be the doctor on that day. He has a way of making you feel at ease and is very easy to talk to. I’d give it a ten out of ten recommendation “”I couldn’t find him.”
“I was in the ER with a ruptured cyst on my ovary, and it was an emergency case. It was a gorgeous Saturday afternoon. When they called Dr. Baez, he came to the ER to conduct my surgery. He is my regular doctor, so the fact that he was the one doing the operation put me at ease. He comes highly recommended.”
“My husband and I have known him for more than two decades. He hasn’t changed since he joined Health Quest, which concerned us until we saw him again. He continues to learn about both medical conditions and treatment choices. He referred my 52-year-old husband to the Heart Center seventeen years ago, and it saved his life. We will be eternally grateful. His demeanor and intellect should be possessed by any doctor. I’m just sorry he doesn’t take in new patients because we sent some friends who couldn’t see him.”

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Poughkeepsie Primary Care’s doctors and nurses offer compassionate care for the entire family, from newborns to seniors. Our doctors have access to all of the services of the Health Quest family of award-winning hospitals and other healthcare providers as part of Health Quest Medical Practice. That means if you need more advanced treatment, your doctor will refer you to a Health Quest specialist while still being an important member of your healthcare team.
Your life will be turned upside down if you or a loved one is diagnosed with cancer. The Dyson Center for Cancer Treatment, the Dyson Breast Center, and Health Quest Medical Practice, P.C., all part of the Health Quest family, give a comprehensive cancer care team right in your community. Advanced diagnostic imaging, sophisticated radiation therapy technologies, and specialist surgical oncology teams are also part of the cancer care program. In the Mid-Hudson Valley, our rising team of medical oncologists is taking a fresh and groundbreaking approach to cancer treatment.