Drink russian drive german tank

Drink russian drive german tank

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Road rage accidents and other serious highway encounters are not rare in Russia, which can also involve military armoured vehicles. Now, a video has surfaced on social media purporting to show drunken Russian conscripts in a BMP-3 infantry fighting vehicle plowing through a barbed-wire-topped concrete wall at Volgograd International Airport in the country’s southwestern area. According to a post on the Telegram social media network from Russia’s independent news outlet Baza, the incident at the airport, also known as Gumrak Airfield, occurred on Oct. 20, 2020. At the moment, the vehicle was said to be on its way to a training center for an exercise. The airport continued to operate normally after the BMP-3 crashed through the wall, according to Baza’s post, but the vehicle destroyed part of the airport’s security system.
The crew, whether drunk or not, seems to have made a calculated decision to go through the wall, according to the video, which appears to have been taken by a closed-circuit television camera at the airport. After first colliding with the fence, the driver of the BMP-3, which weighs just over 20 and a half tons, does not appear to try to stop in any way.

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This article on military tanks covers the history of tanks in the German Army (Heer) from the Deutsches Heer of World War I through the interwar era, as well as the Panzers of World War II, the Cold War, and modern times.

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During World War I, the invention of tanks started as a means of breaking the stalemate that trench warfare had brought to the Western Front. Both the British and the French began testing tanks in 1915 and began using them in combat in 1916 and 1917, respectively. On the other side, the Germans were slower to build tanks, focusing instead on anti-tank guns.
The A7V was a German response to the Allied tanks’ modest early victories, and it, like some other tanks of the time, was mounted on caterpillar tracks similar to those found on American Holt Tractors. The High Command, initially unconvinced that tanks posed a significant threat, ordered only twenty A7Vs, which saw combat in only a few battles between March and October 1918. They had several design defects, and Germany used captured British tanks even more than A7Vs. Germany started working on designs for both heavy and light tanks when it became apparent that the tank could play a significant role on the battlefield, but only a few prototypes were produced by the end of the war.

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Katyusha is a white girl with light blue eyes and short blonde hair. She wears a green-brown uniform tunic with a Russian red cross and a green-brown skirt, or a jumpsuit modeled after those worn by WW2 Russian tank operators, as she did in the match against Ooarai. When Katyusha prepares for combat, she also wears a Russian tanker’s padded hat, which seems to be too large on someone as short as her. Her age is difficult to ascertain due to her small stature; however, canon notes that she is 18 years old.
Katyusha is noted for her vain and childish demeanor; most likely due to her short stature, she feels compelled to’stand above’ all, friend or foe alike, which she achieves by sitting on Nonna’s shoulders. Although her arrogance is bolstered by her tactical prowess, it sometimes gets the best of her (her offering Ooarai the opportunity to surrender arguably squandered her advantage). She also doesn’t mask her feelings well, publicly venting her anger when things don’t go her way and weeping after losing to Ooarai Girls Academy (and denying it, out of embarrassment, when Nonna gave her a towel to wipe her tears).