Douglas macarthur bruce willis

Douglas macarthur bruce willis

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Inchon (also known as Inchon!) is a 1981 epic war film about the Battle of Inchon, which is regarded as a watershed moment in the Korean War. The film was directed by Terence Young and funded by Sun Myung Moon, the founder of the Unification Movement. Laurence Olivier plays General Douglas MacArthur, who led the surprise amphibious landing of the United States in Incheon, South Korea, in 1950. Jacqueline Bisset, Ben Gazzara, Toshiro Mifune, and Richard Roundtree are among the cast members. South Korea, California, Italy, Ireland, and Japan were all used as filming locations.
The plot of Inchon combines military action with human drama. Characters are placed in perilous circumstances and are involved in a variety of personal and dramatic situations. The Battle of Inchon, in which the Americans defeated North Korean forces, is widely regarded as the battle that saved South Korea. The film cost $46 million to make and had several setbacks, including a typhoon and the death of one of the cast members. During filming, both the Unification campaign and the United States military provided extras.

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If you ever come across vintage photographs of famous actors like Alec Baldwin or Bruce Willis, you’re probably not looking at photos of those actors. You may wonder why. Ok, it turns out that quite a few famous people in history looked just like today’s pop stars! Did you know the former US President Millard Fillmore and actor Alec Baldwin might be mistaken for twins?
Fans’ minds were blown when someone pointed out the eerie similarity on reddit. “Millard Filmore is a folk hero. Millard Filmore was not the’real’ Millard Filmore. Anything we know about him comes from a fictional character played by Alec Baldwin. The title of the film was The Easily Forgotten President “One user made a joke. Another said, “Now I can’t unsee it.” We can’t turn back the clock now, either!
And Alec Baldwin isn’t the only star that has a doppelganger from a long time ago. There are historical lookalikes for Ellen DeGeneres, Tommy Lee Jones, and Keanu Reeves as well. View the gallery to see shocking photos of celebrities dressed as historical figures.

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A similar listing for a 150-year-old picture of a man who looked a lot like John Travolta appeared on eBay shortly after the Nicholas Cage affair. Their skin, hairline, facial structure, and preference for longish sideburns are all identical. “I know you’re saying John Travolta is still alive today in 2011, but he doesn’t look 151,” the seller wrote in the ad. “Some Scientologists believe in reincarnation, and John Travolta is a Scientologist. Of course, time travel is also a possibility.” Both Cage and Travolta starred in the 1997 film “Face/Off,” in which they played characters who tried to kill each other and swapped faces, according to the AV Club. Perhaps it was a metaphor for their disappointment with immortality and the monotony of creation after a long life.
Keanu Reeves is 52 years old, but he hasn’t changed much since his twenties. He also has a striking resemblance to the 19th century French actor Paul Mounet, leading some to believe they are the same person.

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Although the new film, Nobody, may evoke images of John Wick (2014) and Taken (2008), it does a good job of serving its own hero by giving only a cursory description of the hero’s apparently possessed “particular collection of skills” and instead delivering the action with gleeful abandon.

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When robbers break into Hutch’s (Bob Odenkirk) seemingly idyllic suburban house, he chooses not to use violence to get rid of the intruders. Blake (Gage Monroe), his teenage son, is upset because he sees him as a coward. Hutch and his wife, Becca (Connie Nielsen), begin to drift apart after that. Hutch is again placed in a brutal situation when the bus he takes to work every day is hijacked by a group of weapon-wielding thugs who attack everyone on board. This sets off a chain reaction in Hutch, culminating in the use of the aforementioned abilities. Bob Odenkirk, of course, exudes everyman charm. At first glance, the actor — best known for his roles on “Breaking Bad” and later “Better Call Saul” as the morally ambiguous criminal lawyer Jimmy McGill (later Saul Goodman) — appears to be more suburban dad than Rambo. Odenkirk understands. When he pitched himself as the next big action star, he was pretty sure he’d be laughed out of the venue. The concept was not only accepted, but ultimately materialized in the character of Hutch Mansell in Ilya Naishuller’s rock-’em-sock’em thriller “Nobody,” which opens in theaters on March 26. “I was surprised that someone who heard me say it said, ‘I see what you mean,’” he says. “You have to distinguish the comedy work from my work on ‘Better Call Saul’ and dramas like ‘The Letter.’ If you do that, you will be successful.