Doe tech support internship

Doe tech support internship

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Amid the pressures of the current health crisis, Principal Jodie Cohen and the James Madison High School (JMHS) staff have been working harder than ever to find and incorporate resources that work best for their community. Learn how one principal used what worked with her students and staff to build best practices in this week’s #DOEconnected! The Alarm Clock 31st of July, 2020
It can be difficult to hold a young child’s focus for more than a few minutes, as any pre-k teacher or parent can attest. Learn how one pre-k teacher (and 2020 Big Apple Award winner) uses the power of ventriloquy to keep her students engaged for remote learning in this week’s #DOEconnected! The Alarm Clock 24th of July, 2020
The DOE is inviting all students in the city to take part in its first-ever Summer Enrichment Challenges this summer! Learn more about these weekly competitions for City students in grades K–12, and participate in the fun from now until August 17, 2020. The Alarm Clock 22nd of July, 2020

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Throughout the year, the Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy (EERE) in Washington, D.C., and the Golden Field Office in Golden, CO, offer exciting student volunteer internships. Positions are limited and filled on a first-come, first-served basis.
MEISPP provides summer internship opportunities with DOE and its national laboratories to promising undergraduate and graduate students. Scientific research or a focus on politics, industry, and government relations are among the positions available. Housing, round-trip airfare, and student stipends are also included in internships. Students are assigned an intense 8-10 week assignment as part of the curriculum.
Clean Cities coalitions offer internships to undergraduate (junior or senior) and graduate students studying communications, public relations, industry, marketing, engineering, or environmental sciences throughout the year.
By offering professional training opportunities at DOE laboratories, the Community College Internship (CCI) program aims to inspire community college students to pursue technical careers related to the DOE project. Listed students serve as interns in one of the DOE’s 15 participating laboratories.

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The DOE Scholars Program is a Department-wide initiative aimed at developing a pipeline of highly qualified talent in disciplinary fields that support the Department of Energy’s mission critical areas (DOE). The DOE Scholars Program offers opportunities for talented undergraduate and graduate students, as well as recent graduates, to learn about DOE missions, functions, and operations. These experiences will help Scholars prepare for a variety of entry-level and mid-level academic, technological, and professional roles within DOE and other organizations that support the DOE project.

Empowering our future tech leaders

By offering professional training opportunities at DOE laboratories, the Community College Internships (CCI) program aims to inspire community college students to pursue technical careers related to the DOE project. Selected students are placed as interns at one of the DOE’s 16 participating labs. Under the supervision of laboratory scientists or engineers, they work on inventions, instrumentation programs, or major research facilities that support DOE’s mission.
The CCI program accepts applications for three different internship terms each year. For the Summer (May through August), Fall (August through December), and Spring (January through May) Terms, internship appointments are 10 weeks long. During the Fall and Spring Terms, a “flex-schedule” option is available, in which the equivalent of 400 hours spent onsite at a host lab can be spread out over a 16-week period. This choice is available at the host lab’s discretion. Daily stipends are based on a 40-hour-per-week payment, prorated accordingly, and any accommodation allowance is based on a 10-week term appointment under a flex-schedule. Each DOE laboratory/facility has its own collection of research opportunities, and not all DOE laboratories/facilities offer internships during the Fall and Spring semesters.