Do colleges look at attendance

Do colleges look at attendance

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The College understands the connection between student attendance and student performance, achievement, and retention.

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Any missed class or practice, regardless of the reason, decreases the potential for learning and can have a negative impact on a student’s performance. As a result, the College is an attendance-taking institution that allows students to be present in class in order to remain enrolled (es). Instructors are also required by the College to take and report student attendance on a timely basis. This policy contains additional information about student attendance.
Attendance is expected of students, and teachers are required to keep track of attendance. Students have access to their attendance records by Self-Service and are responsible for ensuring that they are accurate. If a difference is discovered, it is the students’ duty to contact their tutor. Non-attendance may have a financial effect on a student. Course syllabi include attendance policies unique to each course. The Central Time Zone is used to calculate online course and device deadlines. The attendance requirements for all instructional methods assigned to the course would be used for each course using multiple instructional methods as illustrated below.

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Attendance in college courses, I believe, is extremely important. Attendance is a critical component of your education, from student to student. You will miss daily work and homework if you do not attend class. All that the teacher teaches in class will have to be taught to you. Consider this: the aim of attending class is to learn from your professor. Why would you want to miss class when you’re paying thousands of dollars a year to attend? It’s okay if you miss a class here and there because you’re sick or had a bad night with an early morning class; it’s college. In any case, it should be an unusual reason for you to skip a lesson.
Professors should allow you a certain number of unexcused absences before imposing penalties. For eg, I now have a professor who penalizes you for missing a class by deducting points from your final score. Professors should be a little more forgiving because they went to college as well. However, as a student, you should be mindful of the cost and profit of going to class. Students should be allowed to arrive late to class because they are the ones who are paying for their tuition. It is their responsibility to make up for missed lessons if they arrive late. Everyone should try to attend any class they are able to. I recognize that missing class is a rare occurrence, but don’t miss out on a fantastic opportunity to learn something new every class.

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I’ve been thinking about it for a few days, but I’m not too serious about it. Have you ever heard of a college looking at an applicant’s attendance record to see if they’re a good fit for the school? / p>
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I have two “unexcused absences” on my record right now. They’re both mistakes, and I’m working to correct them, but I’m curious if anything like that will ever play a part in college admissions. / p>
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Nathan, I know a girl who was hurt while riding a horse and missed several months of training. She was forced to remain at home and was tutored for a few hours per week. She requested a letter of recommendation from one of her teachers who was aware of the situation. The sudent told me that the teacher had written about how she maintained her grades by teaching herself most of the content while recovering at home. The instructor converted a negative scenario into a constructive one. The applicant was overjoyed with her approvals. / p>
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NO… THEY DON’T CARE…otherwise, all the seniors who skipped insane 2nd semester (I’d never skipped in my life before 2nd semester… I skipped 2nd hour like 8 times) will have their college decisions revoked. Relax and don’t be concerned. / p>