Davis hill elementary school

Davis hill elementary school

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An encouraging omen As compared to similar students in the state, students at this school are making more academic progress considering where they were last year. High test scores indicate that students have good academic abilities and that the school is encouraging academic success better than most other schools.
There’s good news! This school’s test scores are significantly higher than the state average, indicating that the majority of students are performing at or above grade level. Parental advice Disparities between student groups may exist even in high-performing schools. Check the details in the Equity section below to see how well this school serves all of its students. Understand what your child’s on-track learning looks like and how you can help at home.
Based on college readiness, academic success, and test score data given by the state’s Department of Education, we publish a ranking that represents how well this school serves disadvantaged students in comparison to other schools in the state. We are unable to determine an Equity Rating for this school because the state does not provide sufficient details. Will having this kind of knowledge for the school be beneficial to you? Yes or no

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Both of our children have been to DH and need additional assistance and care, which they have received. Over the years, the administration and staff have been very supportive, understanding, and welcoming. I can’t say enough positive things about them, and I’m proud to award them the highest possible scores.
Davis Hill is a fantastic elementary school with a welcoming, supportive, and inclusive environment, a vibrant community, and a responsive administration. They provide a good educational base and a healthy, supportive atmosphere for my children, in my opinion. The building is also newer and well-maintained, with excellent grounds. The school also seems to attract and retain excellent teachers. We looked at other nearby schools (which were also nice in many ways), but Davis Hill had a better class size—not too small and lacking in diversity and teacher/class placement opportunities like some of the smaller towns nearby, but not too big either. I believe that the administration pays attention to what my children need in terms of a teacher and a class, and that they react appropriately in terms of class placement. Parents are also welcome to participate. I’ll be sad when my children leave, but I’m happy they began their education here.

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The result? Accurate comparisons between colleges, school districts, and communities in the same (or different) areas, as well as between schools in different states.
It is well recognized that the standard of education offered by public schools differs significantly from one school district to the next, as well as from one city to the next. Furthermore, within any city or area, the standard of a child’s education can differ significantly from neighborhood to neighborhood.

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Davis Hill Elementary School, a Wachusett School District public school in Holden, MA, serves grades K-5.

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It earned a 6 out of 10 GreatSchools rating based on a number of school quality metrics.
In 2018-2019, Massachusetts tested students in grades 3-8 and 10 in English Language Arts and Math, as well as grades 5, 8, and 10 in science, using the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System (MCAS). The MCAS is a standards-based test that assesses unique skills identified by the state of Massachusetts for each grade level. The aim is for all students to achieve a proficiency level or higher on the exam.