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Danish institute for study abroad

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DIS – Studying in Scandinavia is a great way to broaden your horizons. DIS is a non-profit Danish study abroad institution based in Copenhagen that offers English-taught semester, school year, and summer programs. DIS, which was established in 1959, provides comprehensive, rigorous coursework enriched by field studies, hands-on learning experiences, and study tours in Denmark and Sweden as well as throughout Europe to American students. DIS has 240 courses in 26 academic programs to choose from.
Please note that Education Abroad strongly encourages students to consider these featured semester program choices before looking at other options, as these programs have been chosen to meet the academic needs and geographic desires of the majority of students.

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DIS is a non-profit study abroad organization based in Copenhagen and Stockholm that offers English-taught semester, school year, and summer programs. DIS, which was established in 1959, provides exciting and stimulating coursework enriched by teachers who teach what they do, field studies, hands-on learning experiences, and study tours across Europe to students enrolled in North American universities. Students develop academic awareness and intercultural skills as a result of cultural engagement opportunities, and they are better prepared for a globalized world. The majority of DIS students are juniors or seniors at highly selective North American universities.
I had a fantastic time studying in Copenhagen! The curriculum is intended to promote both engaging classroom learning and actual cultural interaction and exploration. Via my living arrangement (kollegium), I made friends with a group of young Danes and had plenty of time to explore the city and Europe. During my time at DIS, I also made some wonderful American friends with whom I am still in touch. Strongly suggested!

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Summary of the Program: Study in Copenhagen, Denmark’s beautiful capital and a true European capital city. Architecture and Design, Biomedicine, Business, Child Development & Diversity, Economics, European Politics, Medical Practice & Policy, Philosophy, Neuroscience, Sustainability, and other fields of study are available at DIS. Local faculty teaches the courses in English. The languages of Danish and Swedish are available as options.
Courses are targeted toward students who are ready to do serious academic work and are tailored for undergraduate students in their junior or senior year. Second-semester sophomores with high academic achievement who have completed the mandatory course prerequisites will be considered by DIS.
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Tours of Study:
A week-long Program Study Tour to a European destination and a Core Course Week, which consists of a two-day seminar in Copenhagen and a three-day short Study Tour, are among the Core Courses. Both Study Tours are guided by faculty and are part of the Core Course’s curriculum. We do our best to match you with your first choice in some Core Courses that offer multiple Study Tour options. Local field studies are also incorporated into elective courses during the semester to add depth and perspective to the course.

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The Danish Institute for Study Abroad (DIS) is a specialist not-for-profit educational institution that offers university study abroad programs for predominantly American upper-level undergraduate students, taught in English by Danish faculty. Our goal is to provide high-quality student learning outcomes and cross-cultural competencies, as well as to foster exciting international interactions while allowing for personal development. This is accomplished by immersive classroom learning, research papers, European study tours, and Danish housing. DIS has enrolled almost 30,000 students since 1959.
Students at DIS may take any combination of classes from the school’s offerings. This gives students the freedom to create their own schedules and explore a wide range of courses. In addition to guest lectures, many of the classes will include field studies and/or study tours, which will take students on multi-day trips across Denmark, Scandinavia, or Europe, exposing them to a variety of organisations, businesses, places, and/or people in their field. Early in the semester, short regional tours across Denmark, southern Sweden, and northern Germany are offered, while long international tours are offered during the first week of the mid-semester break.