Dale of norway pattern

Dale of norway pattern

2020 dale of norway monte cristallo full zip sweater review

Every [knitting] journey starts with a single [stitch] step, and this one appears to be a very, very, very long one!! Maybe that’s why I’ve been putting off the first [stitch] step??!!??
I began this project with US 1 knitting needles and the yarn specified (Daletta). Size 2 is called for in the pattern, but after the bottom band, Size 3 is called for. I knit tighter than most people, so I was shocked to find that I needed to go down a needle size to get close to Gauge. We all know how elusive and fickle The Gauge can be, so I say ‘close.’ I’m also making a medium scale. Yes, you should chuckle. Since I exited stage left from the womb, I have not been a medium. Dale, on the other hand, must have a distinct sense of style, since their “medium” is everyone else’s XL or XXL. I feel so tiny!!
The sweater is styled in a classic style with boxy shoulders and drop shoulders. All of you with your perfect figures and skin-tight, shapely knitting get a thumbs down from me! Like other old farts who can’t get past their youth, I’ll continue to live in the past! That’s it!!

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2020 dale of norway olympic passion sweater review

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Knitted chevron jacket with double row of buttons for American Girl Dolls
Sport-weight yarn is used in this free knitting pattern. Chevron is one of the pattern’s attributes and techniques.

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I’d lost track of how many projects I had on the go. “Don’t cast on another stitch until 2015!” Sanity warned. If you could only keep one gentle, little cloud of Dale Garn’s latest “Erle” in your hands… Continue to read
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Knit in Dale of Norway Royal Alpakka yarn, my “Riverside Cowl.” On the outside, fair Isle and garter stitch; on the inside, sturdy stockinette stitch; luxurious warmth all over. My online shop, Kidsknits.com, has the kit available. It’s… Continue to read
I’m very lucky to work with some very talented clients. A delightful coincidence occurred this week when two of my wonderful customers showed me their unique interpretations of Dale of Norway’s beloved “Sirdal” style, a traditional Norwegian knitting classic (which,… Continue to read

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The Norwegian Alpine team’s official team jacket for the 2021 World Championships in Cortina d’Ampezzo. A illustration of Monte Cristallo is adorning the back. The long, indented ridge northeast of Cortina is known as Cristallo. This jacket has Norwegian flag striped cuffs and sleeves, a throwback to alpine skiing in the 1970s, and is inspired by the sport’s roots. The standard flag-colored designs on the sleeves bear the Dale logo. In a stretchy rib knit quality, made of 100 percent skin-soft merino wool.
The Norwegian Cross-Country Ski Team’s official team sweater for the 2020-2021 season. The Northern Lights (Aurora Borealis) influenced the concept and color palette. Mysterious. Electric bursts of energy and bright lights that shine. Coming from the north. Our athletes and the Northern Lights have a lot in common, you might claim. The Norwegian flag striped cross, snow crystals, and an eight-petal rose adorn the Oberstdorf team jumper. In a long-lasting knit quality, made of 100 percent skin-soft merino wool. Hat and headband are the same color.