Daily advance yard sales

Daily advance yard sales

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SALES OF GARAGE SPACE Will RESUME ON THURSDAY, JUNE 11, 2020. A permit is required by Village of Lansing Ordinance in order to hold a “Garage Sale” in Lansing. Permits are $5.00 and can be collected at the Village Clerk’s office. For a connection to a garage sale permit application, click here.
All general sales, open to the public, performed from or on residential premises in any residential zone for the purpose of disposing of personal property are referred to as “garage sales.” All sales titled “garage,” “lawn,” “attic,” “backyard,” or “rummage sale” are included in the term “Garage Sale.”
2. Directional signs: Two signs of no more than two square feet each are allowed, provided that the garage sale location is not on a major thoroughfare and the property owner has given written permission to install said signs.
The person to whom a permit is issued under this article, as well as the owner of the premises on which such sale or operation is performed, are collectively responsible for maintaining good order on the premises at all times during the sale or activity. No such person shall allow any loud or boisterous activity on said premises, nor shall he or she allow vehicles to obstruct traffic on any roads or streets in the vicinity of such premises.

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You won’t sell anything if no one knows you’re holding a yard sale, no matter how good your products or how beautiful your show is. Yard sales must be advertised (via Craigslist, newspaper, and signage). The following are few dos and don’ts:
Examine the device’s characteristics and see if it can be identified. Make use of precise geolocation details. On a tablet, you can store and/or access information. Personalize your material. Make a content profile that is exclusive to you. Analyze the success of your ads. Simple advertising should be chosen. Make a profile for personalised advertising. Choose from a variety of personalized advertisements. Use market research to learn more about the target audience. Analyze the effectiveness of your content. Enhance and create goods.

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The permit costs $8.00 and comes with one sign that must be shown at the sale venue.

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A total of four additional signs with the property owner’s signatures are approved to be mounted on the street corners.

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Every additional sign will cost $2.00 and must be a City-approved sign.

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Signs from third parties are not approved.
If the garage sale is canceled due to inclement weather or another emergency, you will reschedule by returning your permit to the Police Department – Records within seven (7) working days of the sale date.
This only happens if the sale never takes place.
The fee for the permit is $20.00. In accordance with each estate sale, no more than five (5) signs with the signatures of the property owner may be placed on the street corners. Estate sales may either have their own signs or buy signs from the City of Watauga for $2.00 each. The name, logo, and phone number of the estate sale business must be shown on estate signs. There are no homemade signs allowed.