Crossroads school for child development

Crossroads school for child development

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NoDescription & Additional Information: Vouchers Inwood, New York’s Crossroads School For Child Development is a licensed child care facility. We accept children as young as 12 months old and as old as 12 years old at Crossroads School For Child Development. We’re a big facility. Please give us an email if you’d like to learn more about us. Disclaimer: When this listing was established, the licensing status was reviewed. We make every effort to keep details current, but we cannot guarantee it. Before enrolling in any child care program, you can check the status of the license, permit, or registration. Do you manage this child-care facility? If that’s the case, click here to add images and more information! Parental Evaluations Write a Review For the time being, there are no parent feedback for this daycare. Search Once MoreSubmit A Review

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There are 15 workers in the database. Learn all you can about Crossroads School for Child Development. We provide you with a wealth of impartial data from our internal database, as well as personal records and a variety of other information that may be of interest to you.
Crossroads School for Child Development is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of children. Employees from 1992 to 2019 There’s a long list of former and current staff! From 1992 to 2019, get detailed details on the number of workers at Crossroads School for Child Development. You can sort them by qualifications, years of experience, work title, education, department, and previous job.
Crossroads School for Child Development is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development of children. Salaries are an important consideration. If you like, you can also inquire about how much Crossroads School for Child Development pays. Learn regarding the wages, benefits, and drawbacks of working at Crossroads School for Child Development from current and former workers.
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Crossroads School is a private, remedial school located in the heart of Johannesburg. Our school slogan, “Let None Be Left Behind,” encapsulates the way we teach and our comprehensive approach to remedial education, through which we develop a Plan for Every Child. Crossroads School, which opened its doors in 1966, has a deep knowledge of children with learning disabilities. Our setting is ideally suited to children who have the ability to learn but are currently experiencing difficulties in doing so.
Crossroads offers a supportive and nurturing atmosphere in which each learner receives the one-on-one attention required to acquire and develop successful learning skills. Learning difficulties can be triggered by a variety of causes, and Crossroads School is prepared to consider and help primary school students who are experiencing them. The goal of Crossroads School is to help children realize their full potential so that they can return to and succeed in a traditional school setting. The school focuses not only on the learner’s academic skills, but also on their social and emotional growth, resulting in a disciplined and focused child who is ready to face the demands of mainstream education.