Covenant eyes my account

Covenant eyes my account

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An account’s Account Administrator (Admin) has full control over the account and all of its members. This means that administrators have access to all of their members’ settings, can create uninstall codes, view billing details, and cancel the account.
Admins may want to prevent a participant from uninstalling Covenant Eyes under such circumstances. Read our article How do I prevent anyone from uninstalling Covenant Eyes? if you want to disable a member’s ability to create uninstall codes and uninstall Covenant Eyes.

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Abby works with Covenant Eyes as a Content Specialist. Taylor University is where she earned her bachelor’s degree. She and her husband, Ronnie, live in Lansing, Michigan, where they had the honor of assisting in the founding of Element Church on the Michigan State University campus.
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On a Covenant Eyes account, a person may play a variety of roles. For the account and the username, each job has a different purpose (s). All functions can be filled by a single person, or they can be shared among many people.
Since the Administrator wields too much power, the person in recovery may require the assistance of another person to handle the account. That’s great, and we will assist you. Look into it. How do I alter who has access to my account? for more details
A individual who receives the reports is referred to as an ally. Allies do not need to subscribe to Covenant Eyes or install anything; all they need to do is build a username. The member or the Account Administrator chooses this position. Allies have the ability to:

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You can add, edit, or delete members of your online account at any time if you are an Account Administrator. If you’re on a grandfathered (legacy) Personal plan, your monthly bill can adjust to reflect your changes.
Note: Since the Administrator has so much power, the person in recovery can need someone else to be the Administrator in certain situations. That’s great, and we will assist you. Look into it. How do I alter who has access to my account? for more details
Scroll down to the next screen. You can change the member’s contact details or reset their password by selecting “Edit Data.” You may check the service settings for that member by selecting “Settings.”