Conform in a sentence

Conform in a sentence

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According to a report by Sutherland and Verhoef [ 33], TCAM users and herb users alone were substantially less happy with their health care provider than TCAM and herb non-users.
The purpose and content of the research were clarified to all participants, and they gave written informed consent to participate in the study, which followed The Declaration of Helsinki and was approved by the Local Ethical Committee (KF 01-138/04).
Serum PTX-3 levels in diabetic patients with CKD Stage 1 indicate an association with endothelial dysfunction independent of CRP [ 35], which is supported by a recent study that found that elevated PTX-3 levels in CKD patients represent endothelial dysfunction [ 14].

Conform meaning-sentence-explanation in urdu and hindi

You may have memorized words like: English meaning of the word “conform” when you first started learning English; however, now that you have a better understanding of the language, there is a better way for you to learn the meaning of “conform” through sentence examples.
In English, both of the sections of speech are used to construct sentences. The subject and the verb are both present in any sentence (this is also known as the predicate). The person or thing who does something or is mentioned in the sentence is the subject. The action taken by the person or thing, or the definition of the person or thing, is the verb. A sentence isn’t complete unless it has a subject and a verb (for example, in the sentence “Went to Bed,” we don’t know who went to bed).
There is at least one independent clause and at least one dependent clause in a complex sentence containing the word “conform.” Dependent clauses may refer to the independent clause’s subject (who, which), sequence/time (since, while), or causal elements (because, if).

Difference between conform and confirm

In this case, I would say adhere to. I’d make a minor change to the sentence: These clauses ensure that treaties adhere to Islamic Sharia values and the goals for which they were sanctioned.
Most English speakers, with the exception of one set phrase (mentioned below), do not see this verb used as either conform to or conform with very much. When I read about or discuss objects or concepts that adhere to another set of rules or concepts, I still see and use conform to, even if there is no formal rule (when there is an inanimate object or idea involved). When we speak about a situation where an individual is conforming with other people, I generally see and use conform with (although we always say ‘a person conforms to society’s norms’—but again, we have conform to used with a concept).
On this point, I concur with Cypherpunk. In this case, ‘conform to’ is preferable to ‘conform with.’ I came to this thread because I didn’t like the word ‘conform with’ that was written in a text.

Conform vs confirm | difference between confirm and

A car that won’t start, a washing machine that won’t clean, and a slice of chocolate that’s obviously inedible are all examples of products that aren’t fit for their intended use. A product that breaks down in an unreasonably short period of time may also be of poor quality.
Consumers have a range of choices under consumer law if your products fail to meet any of the above three conditions and the consumer is not to blame – for example, if they are defective or do not live up to their definition.
If the defect is important, such as when a customer buys a phone and it ceases working shortly after they begin using it due to a major flaw with the phone, the consumer has the option to refuse the products and cancel (end) the contract.
If the fault is minor, such as a button missing from a piece of clothing the customer purchased, the consumer has the option of requesting a repair, replacement, price reduction, or refund. However, if you, as the trader, fail to comply with their demands or have one of these remedies in an unacceptable amount of time, the buyer has the right to reject the product and cancel the deal.