Coffee with the counselor

Coffee with the counselor

Coffee with the counselors: course selection

Coffee with the Counselor sessions are a fun and enjoyable way for your school family to access relevant and timely information. When a presenter at the Florida School Counseling Association Annual Conference shared the idea, we started doing these sessions at my school about three years ago. I used to have a hard time understanding why I had to do parent meetings/workshops. I had the impression that the subjects would not be of interest to them, or that after a lot of effort planning an evening gathering, only a few people might show up. The steps below will hopefully help you make it a stress-free and enjoyable operation, which you will enjoy (as I did!). I hope that these instructions will assist you in beginning your own Coffee with the Counselor sessions.
This can be achieved on a monthly or quarterly basis; the choice is yours! My sessions are from 7:30 to 8:30 a.m. At 7:30 a.m., parents are permitted to drop their children off at my school. It’s ideal because their child is in class, and they can join us for coffee and good conversation before going to work. Before you do something, make sure you get permission from your administration.

Coffee with a counselor: back to the basics – pursuing hands

Attend an engaging discussion with members of the RU-N campus community, including students, employees, faculty, and administration, hosted by Admissions. Join us for in-depth discussions on various RU-N topics by grabbing a seat and your favorite mug. On-demand streaming is available.
Daniel La Fuente, Office of Housing and Residence Life, greets you when you return to campus.
Daniel La Fuente, Assistant Dean and Director of Residence Life, joins Coffee With A Counselor to explore how our residence life experience progresses and how our team helps students set up and settle into living on campus.
Dr. Bil Leipold, Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Services and Student Experience, was interviewed.
Our Associate Vice Chancellor for Enrollment Services and Experience meets with the Office of Admissions to discuss the lessons learned from going remote and building community in virtual spaces.
Alex, School of Criminal Justice & School of Social Work alumnus and graduate student, starts off Coffee with a Counselor.
Alex, a 2019 alumnus, talks with the Office of Admissions about his tenure as an undergraduate in the School of Criminal Justice and his new doctoral degree in the School of Social Work.

Coffee with counselor

What is the aim of Coffee with the Counselor? I’ll host a morning or afternoon coffee for parents on a subject related to elementary school once a quarter. This allows me to meet with a large number of parents at once to explore ways to help their children succeed. These meetings, which last about an hour, are open to all parents. We’ll usually give a quick presentation and pass out some handouts, then leave plenty of time for questions. One of the most important outcomes of these meetings is that parents realize they are not alone in their concerns about navigating their child’s elementary school years! Dates and subjects for the meetings will be published on this page and in the Summersill Newsletter. What if I am unable to attend the coffee but still need the information? We recognize that being a parent is a demanding job, and that you might not be able to attend every meeting due to unforeseen circumstances. I’ll post any presentation and handouts on this page afterward, even if it doesn’t contain all of the questions and discussion from the actual meeting. I’m also happy to speak with parents on the phone about the subject. Topics and times are chosen in the following manner: I’d like you to fill out the survey linked above so that I can make sure I’m addressing issues that are important to you as parents. Your input is important!

Coffee with a counselor: hope & help series – for suicide

This school year, on the first Friday of each month, I’ll be hosting Coffee with the Counselor events at my school. Coffee with the Counselor mornings will provide an informal environment for parents and caregivers to speak about topics such as child and adolescent growth, mental health, social and emotional development, and general well-being. To encourage group discussion, I’ll share interesting tools and suggest readings on a variety of topics.
To begin the 2019-2020 school year, here are some articles that I hope will assist all of us in working together to create a caring environment for children. Don’t be put off by the abundance of the word “fail” in the titles below: these tools make a strong case for teaching kids how to handle anger, persevere through difficult emotional states, and pick themselves up when they fall…or fail. I’m looking forward to discussing these in October!
Signe Whitson is a bullying, crisis prevention, and child and adolescent mental and behavioral wellbeing author and educator. Signe offers down-to-earth, realistic tips for professionals and parents on handling the everyday challenges of living and working with adolescents, tweens, and teens through her blogs, books, and training workshops.