Code 3 emergency partners

Code 3 emergency partners

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Spread the word: Code 3 Emergency Partners’ CEO is Dr. Carrie de Moor. Code 3 is based in Frisco, Texas, and owns and operates 7 Freestanding Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care facilities throughout Texas. In this episode of “What They’re Watching,” she joins us to talk about keeping insurance firms accountable.
“Who is keeping the insurance firms and MCOs responsible for what they’re doing and how they’re managing benefit programs is what I’ll be looking for. That’s something I think all employers should be aware of, and emergency care plays a major role in that because EMTALA [Emergency Medical Treatment and Labor Act] is an unfunded requirement. We need to see everybody. As a result, there’s a lot of space for things to go wrong if they believe they can take advantage of us rather than contract fairly.”

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The Grand Opening of Code 3 Emergency Partners’ new 24-Hour Emergency Room & 24-Hour Urgent Care located at 2390 Innovation Drive at Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport, Southgate Plaza, will be held on June 1, 2018, offering around-the-clock immediate care to the more than 60,000 airline and airport employees and 65 onsite employees.
A full-service emergency room with on-site CT scanner, ultrasound, X-ray, lab, and pharmacy is located in the 8,125-square-foot building. It also has rooms for short-term observation admissions and an urgent care center that is open to the public 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
Dr. Brian Katan, MD, FACEP, Medical Director of Code 3, said, “I am incredibly proud of our ability to rapidly treat acute problems such as pain and trauma in the most suitable way possible, reducing suffering and delays.” “We will meet practically all of the urgent medical needs of the traveling public, people who work nearby, and the surrounding communities with our extremely rapid patient access to laboratories, X-rays, EKGs, ultrasound, and CT capabilities.”

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According to a news release, Frisco-based Code 3 Emergency Partners, a physician-owned network of emergency rooms and urgent care clinics, has opened the nation’s first freestanding emergency room and urgent care on airport property at 2390 Innovation Road, near DFW Airport Headquarters and DFW Airport Rental Car Center.
According to the press release, DFW is one of the world’s busiest airports. Although the airport hires 1,900 people, it is home to over 60,000 people who work every day at the airport, which serves 28 airlines and over 65 million annual passengers.
According to the press release, DFW Airport Southgate Plaza’s Code 3 ER and Urgent Care provides advanced emergency and acute injury care to travelers, nearby staff, and neighborhood residents.
The 8,125-square-foot facility includes a full-service emergency room with on-site CT scanner, ultrasound, X-ray, lab, and pharmacy, as well as rooms for short-term observation admissions and a 24-hour/365 urgent care center.

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Dr. Carrie de Moor, of Frisco, Texas, is the CEO of Code 3 Emergency Partners. She received a BA in Psychology from SMU before joining Texas Tech’s Health Sciences Center and completing her clinical training in El Paso. She completed her pediatric internship at the University of Texas Medical Branch in Galveston before beginning her Emergency Medicine Residency at Texas Tech El Paso’s Thomason Hospital.
Code 3 Emergency Partners is a management consulting firm that specializes in the management and construction of self-contained emergency centers. Dr. de Moor formed Code 3 Emergency Partners in 2015 with six Emergency Physicians and one Freestanding Emergency Room. Since then, the organization has expanded to 120 physicians and over 250 staff, owning and running seven Freestanding Emergency Rooms and Urgent Care facilities.