Closest amtrak station to cambridge ma

Closest amtrak station to cambridge ma

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The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) offers regular train, bus, and trolley service in the Greater Boston Area. The MBTA, or “The T,” is the name given to this device. Tokens are no longer allowed, and Charlie Cards or Charlie Tickets are now available. There are also extended passes available. For more information, call 617-222-3200.
Regional Route provides regular departures from Boston to Newport News, Virginia, offering downtown-to-downtown service along the Northeast Corridor. From Kingston, RI, to Newport, RI, car service is open. From Kingston, there is a seasonal ferry service to Martha’s Vineyard. The entire journey takes 12 hours.
From Boston to Washington, the Acela Express provides a quick service. During peak morning and afternoon rush hours, hourly service between New York and Washington, D.C., as well as intermediate cities. The entire journey takes 7 hours.
Every day, the Downeaster runs four round trips from Boston North Station to Portland, Maine. Woburn and Haverhill, MA; Exeter and Durham, NH; Wells, Saco, and Old Orchard Beach, ME are among the intermediate stops. The whole journey takes 2 hours.

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The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA), also known as “The T,” serves Cambridge. In addition to ferry and paratransit facilities, the MBTA operates 1,193 miles of commuter rail, subway, trolley, and bus lines.
Each of Cambridge’s five Red Line stations is around a mile apart (plus a sixth just across the city line in Davis Square, Somerville). For the most part, the heavy rail subway line runs under Massachusetts Avenue until ending at Alewife Station near the Arlington town line. During rush hour, trains are approximately 4 minutes apart, and at all other times, trains are approximately 10 minutes apart.
We’re partnering with the MBTA on the Better Bus Project, which aims to boost bus service in Cambridge. The MBTA wants to hear from you about bus operations. Please take a few moments to respond to the Better Bus Project’s online survey. Based on the study, collaborations, and public input, the Better Bus Project team will recommend improvements to bus service in late 2018. Between now and 2020, customers should expect service changes and enhancements related to the Better Bus Project.

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The three downtown Boston Amtrak stations, North Station, South Station, and Back Bay, are all within walking distance of Cambridge, Massachusetts. The station you choose will be determined by your Amtrak route and other factors. See the suggestions below.
The South Station, located at 700 Atlantic Avenue, is where many Amtrak trains stop. The station also has a connection to the MBTA subway red line, which runs between Boston and Cambridge, allowing for quick transit transfers. The Acela Express, Northeast Regional, and Lake Shore Limited Amtrak routes connect major cities including Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia, and Washington, D.C. to the South Station.
The Back Bay Station, located at 145 Dartmouth Street, also serves the Acela Express, Northeast Regional, and Lake Shore Limited trains. If you intend to take a taxi, Uber, or Lyft to campus, this station could be a better choice.

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We’re taking Amtrak from NYC (Penn Station) to Boston and living in Cambridge (Memorial Drive). Is it preferable to take the train to South Station or Back Bay Station? What modes of transport will be required to get to Cambridge in that case?
Since there is no subway on Memorial Drive in Cambridge, I suggest exiting at Back Bay and catching a taxi. If you are staying at a hotel, you can inquire about shuttle service. I’m assuming you are staying at the Cambridge Hyatt. If that’s the case, kendrick’s advice is spot on. Although the views of the Boston skyline are spectacular, you’ll most likely be taking a cab back and forth to the area.
The Courtyard Cambridge is where we’ll be living. According to their website, the subway’s red line is only 1/2 mile away. Is that a viable option for getting into Boston? We don’t mind going for a stroll.
You can also take a taxi to the hotel for (roughly) $5 from Central Square, or take the 47 bus, which will get you within a few blocks. I’d take the cab because it’s just a few bucks more than two bus tickets. In Central Square, taxi stands can be located on both sides of Massachusetts Avenue.