Chapter 5 accounting answers

Chapter 5 accounting answers

Chapter 5 financial accounting merchandising operations

Accounts that carry on from one time to the next with a constant balance are known as real/permanent accounts. Asset accounts, liability accounts, and equity accounts are only a few examples. Revenue, loss, and dividend accounts, on the other hand, are not real/permanent accounts.
Closing entries are used to transfer the contents of temporary accounts into the permanent account, Retained Earnings, which resets the temporary balances to zero and allows the next period’s sales, expenditures, and dividends to be registered.
Income Summary is a one-time account that is only used to close the account. A debit to each account and a related credit to Income Summary closes the revenue accounts. The cost accounts are then closed with a credit to each one and a debit to Income Summary. Finally, an entry moves the balance in Income Summary to Retained Earnings, clearing the balance in Income Summary. As a consequence, it appears in three journal entries during the closing period and serves no other role in the accounting reports.

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