Carlisle early education center

Carlisle early education center

Carlisle Early Education Center is a private, non-profit organization based in Carlisle, Pennsylvania. CEEC is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of Carlisle residents who care for the city and parents of children enrolled in the program. Carlisle Early Education Center offers services for children ranging in age from six weeks to five years. We also offer a summer school program for students in kindergarten through fourth grade. Our infant program focuses on fulfilling our infants’ everyday needs while also fostering the confidence and emotional comfort that comes from learning that these needs will be met through daily contact with attentive, affectionate adults. In the infant space, where the maintenance of a permanent, one-on-one relationship with a familiar caregiver is especially crucial, we aim to preserve staff continuity. We aim to instill a positive self-image in each child in our preschool program. We empower children to gain self-confidence and a desire to discover new channels for their emotions. We encourage them to form a sense of community focused on self-control and knowledge of the needs of others.

31 january 2021

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Carlisle Early Education Center is a Carlisle, Pennsylvania-based licensed child care center. We’re a big facility. Please give us an email if you’d like to learn more about us. Disclaimer: When this listing was established, the licensing status was reviewed. We make every effort to keep information current, but we cannot guarantee it. Before enrolling in any child care program, you can check the status of the license, permit, or registration. Do you manage this child-care facility? If that’s the case, click here to add images and more information! Parental Evaluations Write a Review For the time being, there are no parent feedback for this daycare. Search Once MoreSubmit A Review

In Carlisle, Pennsylvania, are you looking for a nursery or daycare? Carlisle Early Education Center is the place to go! We include a supportive nursery or daycare setting in which children are exposed to the creative arts as well as a variety of group experiences. CEEC caters to children ranging in age from 6 weeks to 5 years.
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January 30, 2021

Started in 1964 by the YWCA as the Carlisle Day Care Center, Carlisle Early Education Center is a local nonprofit organization. It is based in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, and offers a variety of services for children aged six weeks to five years, as well as children up to the fourth grade. Infant, toddler, and preschool programs are among the services provided. Carlisle Early Education Center offers a variety of curriculums, including emergent literacy, self-esteem building, and positive attitude thought techniques.