Can you drink while taking chantix

Can you drink while taking chantix

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The aim of this study was to see whether varenicline (VAR) or naltrexone (NTX), either alone or in combination, would minimize alcohol consumption in alcohol-preferring (P) rats with a genetic predisposition to excessive voluntary alcohol consumption.
P rats that had been consuming alcohol (15 percent v/v) for 2 hours a day for 4 weeks were given either vehicle (VEH), VAR alone (0.5, 1.0, or 2.0 mg/kg BW), NTX alone (10.0, 15.0, or 20.0 mg/kg BW), or VAR + NTX in one of four dose combinations (0.5 VAR + 10.0 NTX, 0.5 VAR + 15.0 NTX, 1.0 VAR + 10.0 NTX, or
VAR in doses of 0.5 or 1.0 mg/kg BW had no effect on alcohol consumption when given alone, but a dose of 2.0 mg/kg BW limited it. When the drug therapy was stopped, the impact vanished. NTX doses of 10.0 and 15.0 mg/kg BW had little effect on alcohol consumption, but a dose of 20.0 mg/kg BW did. Low doses of VAR and NTX combined into a single prescription decreased alcohol consumption as effectively as high doses of each drug alone. Reduced alcohol use began shortly after the combination drug was started and lasted during the treatment period.

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Everyone is aware that smoking is harmful to one’s health and that quitting the habit is difficult. Unfortunately, some items that help people quit smoking can also be unsafe – probably too dangerous to use.
The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) raised new questions regarding Chantix’s safety in June 2011. Their announcement came months after independent researchers found that Chantix was linked to more deaths and abuse than any other substance, according to two studies. 1
These findings heightened questions about Chantix and Zyban, two anti-smoking medications. The FDA had already issued “black box” warning labels on both products in July 2009. The FDA’s most extreme caution is a “black box” warning, which means that a drug poses major health risks. Changes in behaviour, depressed mood, aggression, and suicidal thoughts are among the mental health risks associated with Chantix and Zyban use, according to the black box warnings. 2
These precautionary statements were recommended based on data from clinical trials and a collection of submissions to the FDA’s Adverse Event Reporting System. Chantix was related to extremely dangerous side effects in many people, according to Zheng-Xiong Xi, MD, PhD, a researcher at the National Institute on Substance Abuse. These included suicidal attempts and seizures, as well as psychosis, depression, and severe injuries from dizziness, loss of consciousness, movement disorders, and visual disturbances. These concerns have been found in people who have a history of mental illness as well as people who have never had a history of mental illness. 3

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The US Food and Drug Administration is warning smokers who are trying to quit that Chantix can make it difficult to tolerate alcohol.

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Patients who were more inebriated than normal, were uncharacteristically violent, and blacked out after drinking have been reported to the FDA and Chantix maker Pfizer.

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In a statement released this week, the FDA said, “Until patients know how Chantix affects their ability to consume alcohol, they should reduce the amount of alcohol they drink.”

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There have also been “rare cases” of seizures in Chantix users, according to the FDA. Some of these patients had previously controlled seizure disorders, while others had no history of seizures.
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You don’t need to change your diet because Chantix (varenicline) doesn’t interfere with any particular foods. If your doctor advises otherwise, try to eat normally. You may drink alcohol as well, but keep in mind that Chantix can cause drowsiness. This drowsiness can be worsened by alcohol. Although you should never (ever!) drink and drive, doing so while on Chantix may be extremely hazardous.
Certain foods can interact with Chantix (varenicline), so discuss your diet and alcohol consumption with your doctor before using Chantix to quit smoking. Chantix has been reported to increase the intoxicating effects of alcohol in certain people. Don’t drink too much alcohol when taking Chantix, particularly when you know how it affects you.
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