Can land recycling center

Can land recycling center

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It’s as simple as walking in, dropping off your scrap metal or cans, and getting paid. We have onsite pick-up for commercial and industrial customers. Roll-offs, recycling containers, and recycling bins are also available for larger work. We have the widest range of container sizes and types in Northern Colorado.
One of Northern Colorado’s main recycling centers is Colorado Iron & Metal. Our scrap recycling facilities and specialized equipment ensure that the job is completed correctly. From tiny bags of aluminum cans to massive quantities of bulk scrap metal, we recycle it all. All you have to do is come in, drop off your discarded metal or aluminum cans, and get paid.
If you have a large amount of scrap, Colorado Iron & Metal also offers roll-off and container facilities, as well as pick-up. We have the equipment to do every work, from 90-yard containers to open-top trucks. Simply pick the scrap and watch your recycling “cents” add up!
Colorado Iron & Metal has a wide range of bin sizes available for your company or construction site.
If you have a large amount of scrap, we also provide roll-off and container facilities, as well as pick-up, to transport the metal for you.

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Ed Pearman founded Can Land Recycling in 1990. Ed was well-known in the recycling industry and in our culture for his never-ending smile and golden heart. His legacy has been carried on at Can Land by his family since his death in February 2013. Ed was really excited to use mostly recycled materials to create the building at Can Property, including the steel frame, office wood, lighting, and cement steel.
Metal processing has possibly existed since the discovery of metals. The first well-known recycler was Paul Revere. He bought and sold metals, as well as fabricating metal cookware. Instead of using raw aluminum (bauxite ore), the energy saved by recycling aluminum for a year saves enough energy to fuel a city of a million people for more than 5 years. Steel recycling actually saves enough electricity to fuel one-fifth of all homes in the United States. There are only two tools and two advantages here. Consider what would happen if we recycled 100% of our metals. Recycling statistics that are interesting

Grading update – how we buy scrap aluminum rims

We are a recycling center in the Denver metro area that pays fair rates for non-ferrous metals like copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, nickel, and lead. Other products that we buy include circuit boards from your electronic devices and precious metals. We always pay more for your precious metals and coins than nearby pawn shops and other gold and silver buyers. We often accept a variety of electronic devices, such as computers, displays, copiers, and a variety of other household and mobile electronic devices. At our facility, we have an onsite bin for your ferrous metals. Paper, glass, and plastic are not suitable.
We pay cash for non-ferrous goods to the vast majority of our customers, with the exception of industrial customers and others who have greater quantities of content. We will always include prompt and courteous service. On-site, we also have a state-certified truck scale. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Average Price for Copper ScrapHigh Price for Copper Scrap

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Low Cost

Geraubtes land

Price Unit#1 Copper Bare Bright Scrap1.451.451.45USD/LB#1 Copper Scrap2.092.092.09USD/LB#1 Copper Wire Scrap0.741.440.05USD/LB#1 Insulated Copper Wire0.581.130.03USD/LB#2 Copper Bare Bright Scrap1.291.291.29USD/LB#2 Copper Scrap1.801.801.80USD/LB#2 Copper Bare Bright Scrap1.291.29USD/LB#2 Copper Scrap1.801.801.80USD

Cclr’s recycling union point park

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Average Price for Aluminum Scrap
High Cost
Low Cost
Price UnitAl/Cu Radiators /Fe Scrap0.640.640.64USD/LBAl/Cu Radiators Scrap0.840.840.84USD/LBAluminum Cans Scrap0.400.400.40USD/LBAluminum Cast Scrap0.290.290.29USD/LBAluminum Radiators /Fe Scrap0.080.080.08USD/LBAluminum Radiators Scrap0.140.140.14USD/LBAluminum Radiators Scrap0.1
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