Cambridge preschool of the arts

Cambridge preschool of the arts

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Young children learn by play, according to our preschool curriculum. Every classroom has an activity area where students can explore and participate in developmentally appropriate play and activities that help them improve social-emotional competence and other essential school readiness skills.
Six classrooms have year-round and full-day (10 hours a day) treatment. On snow days, schools run on a shortened schedule. The staff-to-teacher ratio in all programs is 4 staff to 16 or 17 children. A half-day, ten-month curriculum is offered in one classroom.

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The Partnership collaborates closely with local preschools to improve service quality and offers scholarships to families who enroll their children in programs that meet the highest expectations.
Whether or not they are part of the Partnership’s program quality improvement activities, programs that perform well on two tests — the Early Childhood Environmental Rating Scale (ECERS) and the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) — become eligible to accept students with scholarships.
The Partnership provided scholarships for 55 children to attend Preschool this year. Please complete the online application to be eligible for a scholarship. Eligible are low-income families with children who will be two years and nine months old or older by August 1, 2020. Please apply by June 12, 2020 if your child is not yet enrolled in preschool and you do not have a child care voucher.

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Cambridge Preschool of the Arts is located in Massachusetts’ Middlesex County. The street number is 8 and it is located on Museum Way. The phone number to contact the location or ask a question is (617) 547-9189. You can learn more about them by visiting their website.
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From September to August, the Preschool of the Arts is open. Notice of the policy’s nondiscriminatory nature. SCHOOL OFFICE ADDRESS 38 Banks Street • Cambridge, MA 02138 • TELEPHONE 617-547-9189 • EMAIL [email protected] SCHOOL OFFICE ADDRESS 38 Banks Street • Cambridge, MA 02138
As a Jewish preschool with a Reggio Emilia influence, we are dedicated to providing a good educational base for our students through play, socialization, and other activities. We are firm believers in cultivating children’s innate curiosity as a way of inspiring learning. Our four brand-new, cutting-edge facilities are planned to…

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At JUDA, we agree that cultivating children’s natural curiosity is an important part of inspiring them to learn. Our students study and observe Jewish values, customs, festivals, history, and life cycles through the universal language of art. Our students draw their own conclusions through imaginative and creative practices that are both teacher-led and self-directed, enabling them to own their Judaism.
The Cambridge Hebrew School of the Arts draws a diverse group of families who all feel at ease and part of a unique culture. Our curriculum has a well-deserved reputation for being a leader in innovative Jewish education for children aged five to thirteen.