Calm down public school

Calm down public school

The calm room

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Calming room, bps #61

Gardner Public Schools advised the I-Team that its “calm down quarters” are not used for punishment, but rather to give students who are dangerous or excessively disruptive a few minutes to calm down. Erika and Vic, on the other hand, say that their son was left alone in the room for hours on that day and others.
Using the rooms in this way, according to Ellen Braaten, an associate professor at Harvard Medical School and co-director of The Clay Center for Young Healthy Minds, is punishing. She described the practice as cruel, and said she couldn’t think of any circumstance in which it would be acceptable for a child to be alone in a room with nothing to do.
The I-Team brought the parents’ concerns to Gardner Schools Superintendent Mark Pellegrino, who said he couldn’t discuss individual children’s actions because it would be a violation of confidentiality, but that the rooms aren’t used for punishment and aren’t harsh in general. He explained that the aim of the rooms is to remove the need for physical restraints.

I-team: gardner parent says school calm down room

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The calm room: one school’s radical plan to combat

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Annandale Public School is proud to implement well-being and mindfulness practices around the board.
Taking a few minutes each day to help your kids, yourself, or your family practice mindfulness!
There are several advantages to taking a few moments each day to help calm, concentrate, and relax the mind and body.