Cable length measuring device

Cable length measuring device

Mechanical cable length measuring vs digital cable length

For stationary applications, cable and wire length measuring machines with mechanical counters and no data storage are available. Steel construction is extremely durable. Because of the wide diameter of 1 m, high accuracy of 0.5%, accuracy class III, at temperatures ranging from 5 to 40°C. It can only be used for internal purposes and not for the selling of cables.
Cable and wire length measuring machines with an electronic counter for use on both cable winding machines and in stationary applications. The power supply system 323.110 is needed for this. The power supply for a spooling system is supplied by the machine. Steel construction is highly durable. Because of the broad perimeter of 1 m, it has a high accuracy of 0.5% and is classified as accuracy class III at temperatures ranging from 5 to 40°C.
With EU Directive 2014/32/EU Annex MI-009 compliance evaluation, applicable across Europe. Type check according to module B and product evaluation according to module F are used in the conformity assessment process. Standard features include a 3.5-inch color touch screen with an electronic pre-selection counter.

Antique encoder – the improved wire measuring machine

Up to 99 cable types can be stored in this compact build.

Measure and cut precision wire lengths with the cutfox 10

The PCE-CLT 10 cable length measuring system is a multifunctional tool that provides high precision and fast measurement performance. The cable length meter, when used correctly, can be used to measure cables that have already been installed and those that are still being installed. Cable lengths of up to three kilometers can be measured with the cable length measuring unit. A time domain reflectometer is used to accomplish this. 20 common types of cables are pre-stored on the cable length measuring unit, and additional storage of up to 99 cable types is also available. The stored information can be accessed and used directly on the computer. Short cables can already be tested thanks to the built-in technology. A cable’s minimum length, which should be tested with the Cable Length Gauge. The computer automatically shuts off after 10 minutes of inactivity to conserve battery life. This automatic shutdown can be customized by the user at 10-minute intervals. In addition to the automatic shutdown, the unit has a bright TFT display with backlighting that allows for easy reading of the measurement results.

Trumeter 2620 cable or pipe length measure counter

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A system is defined for measuring the length of cable as it moves from one reel to the next. The instrument’s optical section is made up of two parts: a beam distribution unit and a collector assembly. The kit will calculate the length of cables with a variety of shapes, including those with corrugations.

Cable-length measuring instrument unitest

Tools for calculating the length of cables

Cable length measurements & reflectometry with red pitaya

Both the cable supplier and the consumer need precise measurements from their cable length measuring equipment. Furthermore, they must meet a variety of specifications, ranging from basic hand-held measuring equipment to fully automated measuring and control in cable winding systems. Vetter’s length measurement equipment is designed to follow both of these specifications. It has the requisite accuracy, and its rugged nature ensures that it can continue to operate for decades. Devices that were delivered after 1960 are still being operated today. According to EU Directive 2014/32/EU, the Vetter cable measuring machines in the M 20-M60S series correspond to accuracy class III (+/- 0.5 percent) (MID).