02.07 review and project milestone

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The project will be reviewed biweekly by the individual project teams and the supervising university professor to ensure that it is on schedule. The intermediate project results will be presented to VR/AR experts from partner universities and industrial companies during the online mid-term conference. The experts’ job is to assess the sub-project performance based on a set of parameters (innovation, long-term results, goal achievement, etc.) and to come up with corrective steps and recommendations for the sub-projects. All project teams must test and review the built VR/AR applications with users from companies and institutions at the end of the project. Using established questionnaires, user feedback will be systematically recorded and analyzed. Furthermore, as part of the project report, the findings of the individual sub-projects, including the user studies, will be reported. Before the final meeting, the experts will receive the project reports and findings in order to conduct a final assessment and assign a rating to the project.

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How can the best possible exploration of children’s and teenagers’ puberty be achieved? Via a variety of viewpoints The University of Leipzig, with its numerous faculties, offers a variety of research avenues through which to approach the subject. An interdisciplinary research network is established to bring all of these research methods together. A letter of intent to create an interdisciplinary research network named “Variability and Influencing Factors of Child and Adolescent Development” has already been submitted.
What would such a research network accomplish? It can make it easier to cooperate on a subject as broad as child growth. This network helps individuals and large research groups focused on the development of adolescents to collaborate.
Adolescent growth research is performed not only at the University of Leipzig, but also at partner institutions. The Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology, the Max Planck Institute for Cognitive and Neurosciences, and the Helmholtz Institute for Environmental Research are some of these institutions. These institutions have already shown interest in the research network at the second level.

02.07 review and project milestone 2021

Qualification program for founding teams and start-ups involved in developing a business model through the interconnected elaboration of the 4Cs of the medical life sciences:
Most of the basic criteria for an effective market entry are the development of a quality control system for company certification and the production of technical documentation for CE approval of a medical product.
The past few years of start-up support activities have shown that focusing on the health industry by using traditional start-up preparation methods (Lean Launchpad, Business Concept Canvas, Pitch training, Business Strategy, Ideation, Design Thinking, and so on) is inadequate. As a result, an intelligent specialisation within the specialisation is needed in order to create successful business models that can withstand due diligence reviews by Venture Capital firms or strategic healthcare partners, as well as receive relevant financing. This is also backed up by business experts and organizations with a lot of experience.

02.07 review and project milestone online

With its Deep Learning Algorithms for drug discovery, Aladdin Healthcare Technologies discovers anti-osteoporosis nanomolar activity leads from a natural compounds dataset, which has been validated by the leading scientific publication “European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry.”
New compounds discovered through self-developed AI Virtual Screen with Recommendation Success Rate 40 times higher than conventional Screening Methods: Aladdin Healthcare Technologies SE achieves milestone in drug discovery against Alzheimer’s and other age-related diseases: new compounds discovered through self-developed AI Virtual Screen with Recommendation Success Rate 40 times higher than traditional Screening Methods