Broken femur recovery stories

Broken femur recovery stories

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On November 20th, 1982, I had a traumatic experience. I was driving home with a friend from a mutual friend’s place. Another driver, who had fallen asleep behind the wheel, collided head-on with our vehicle. The passenger side of the car was smashed in an offset head-on collision, and I was in the passenger seat. I was stuck in the car for an hour and a half, and it took a lot of time to free myself.
In terms of my injuries, I was extremely fortunate. I had severe chest trauma, but no permanent or major injuries to the chest region. I had a comminuted fracture of the right femur as a result of severe leg trauma. I have badly cut my right eye, requiring about 100 stitches. Other internal injuries went undiagnosed at the time, but they did have an effect on me several months later.
Despite the fact that I was uninsured, my physical recovery went very well. My leg injury was serious, but after about 5 months, I was able to get back on my feet. Physically, I do have some weaknesses, but they are small.

My femur fracture recovery story

Treatment strategies for femur fractures differ, and recovery is often needed after the initial treatment to regain full ankle functionality and help the patient return to their normal activities. Once the thigh bone has healed from the initial care for the fracture and the patient is able to bear weight on the leg and joint, a physical therapy regimen to strengthen muscles and improve mobility is introduced. Complications such as chronic pain, inflammation, and fatigue can make walking and performing physical activities difficult without proper rehabilitation.
If the femur fracture does not require surgery, it is usually treated with a cast or removable brace, and patients are advised to avoid putting any weight on the leg for around 8 weeks. A physical therapist will support the patient with using crutches, a walker, or another assistive device to walk safely. Physical therapy and home exercise are vital for a complete recovery after the cast or brace has been removed and the patient is able to lift their body. The following are examples of physical therapy treatments:

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By jumping in to play outside linebacker for his Hillsboro High School junior varsity team during its fourth game of the 2015 season, Josef Marschuetz was just trying to do the right thing. The 6’3″ sophomore had been a good varsity player, but his coach had asked him to fill in for an injured JV player.
He says, “I went blank for about three seconds and then I dropped back to the ground.” “I recall my leg bent backwards to about a 45-degree angle. I quickly tried to straighten it and pull it back around, but when I tried to raise it, my leg bent at the mid-thigh, not at the knee. Then the agony began.”
Josef’s femur had been severely fractured. Coaches, trainers, and then his father rushed to his side while he laid on the ground for 40 minutes. He was taken to St. Louis Children’s Hospital by ambulance after paramedics arrived.
“Femur fractures are a serious injury,” says Jeffrey Nepple, MD, an orthopedic surgeon and the Director of the Young Athlete Center at St. Louis Children’s Hospital and Washington University School of Medicine. “These forms of injuries are more common in ATV or car collisions, but they are less common in high school sports.”

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Cyclists all over the world cringed when four-time Tour de France champion Chris Froome was rushed from pre-Tour form chasing to intensive care in the blink of an eye due to a fractured femur.
The femur is the human body’s longest and strongest bone. It’s typically an accident associated with motor vehicle crashes, and breaking it also necessitates a reasonable amount of speed and power. But it’s not just doom and gloom.
Alice Monger-Godfrey, a former pro and osteopath to UCI WorldTour teams, explained, “If it’s just a clean break, and you’re reasonably fit and safe and have the right physiotherapy, your recovery can be fast.”
“It will take at least six weeks, but it is possible that some people will return sooner. It isn’t necessary to wait until the end of the year. However, you must ensure that it has completely healed. You don’t want to return too quickly because pedaling exerts a lot of force on the area.
Femur fractures can range from proximal femur fractures (or hip fractures) that affect the hip joint to femoral shaft fractures that occur halfway down the bone or supracondylar femur fractures that occur just above the knee.