Bristol aggie high school

Bristol aggie high school

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Westport Town Administrator Tim King brought the pending vote to the attention of the Board of Selectmen at their meeting last Monday, just days before the vote. The vote was simply a re-vote of a January 6 vote, and one town protested about not getting enough notice.
Westport, which now sends 33 students to Bristol Aggie, pays $75,000 in tuition a year, or just under $2,300 per pupil (far less than the $10,000-plus per year rate in Westport public schools).
According to board member Shana Shufelt, Westport’s $75,000 annual bill will initially increase by $150,000 to about $225,000 a year. The per-student expense will decrease slightly over the course of the loan’s term.
The Massachusetts School Building Authority has also agreed to fund $50.5 million of the Bristol Aggie project (which will cover 40% of the construction of the current Westport middle school). The remaining $53.2 million will be paid out of long-term loans by Bristol County cities, including Westport.

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Bristol County Agricultural High School is another excellent option for students who want to pursue strong academic and vocational/technical programs in agriculture and the environment. They agree that agricultural education provides a rare opportunity for students to train for lifelong learning. Large animal science, small animal science, agricultural mechanics/diesel technology, floriculture, arboriculture, landscaping, and natural resources are among the programs offered at the school in Dighton. Please take a look at their fantastic website:

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A concerning indication is that, as compared to comparable students in the state, students at this school are making less academic progress. Parental advice Giving all students a voice and a choice is one of the most important ways that the best schools help them learn.
It’s worth taking a closer look at: This school’s test results are around the same as the state average, but they are far behind the state’s top-performing colleges. Many students at this school may not be performing at grade level due to low test scores in some states. Parental advice Inquire about the school’s efforts to assist students who are falling behind. Understand what on-track learning entails, and inquire about what the school is doing to help students make faster progress.
Based on college readiness, academic success, and test score data given by the state’s Department of Education, we publish a ranking that represents how well this school serves disadvantaged students in comparison to other schools in the state. We are unable to determine an Equity Rating for this school because the state does not provide sufficient details. Will having this kind of knowledge for the school be beneficial to you? Yes or no

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This will be a very special day for our students, as we will most likely be one of the first schools in the state to have an in-person graduation for the Class of 2020, as per the Governor’s directives! This is also the first time an outdoor graduation will be held on campus for a Bristol Aggie.
The ceremony will take place on the Bristol Aggie Baseball Field, which is known as Dighton’s “Crown Jewel.” You will instantly understand when you see our magnificent green field! It’s a beautiful picture backdrop and a source of pride for our Landscape Design and Contracting students.