Bright future scholarship requirements 2016

Bright future scholarship requirements 2016

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According to a study released by the Legislature’s Office of Economic and Demographic Analysis, the number of students using Bright Futures scholarships, the state’s largest merit-based assistance program, is expected to rise by 5.7 percent this academic year, to a total of 99,483 students. The study is based on an estimation conference held on November 30.
More students with outstanding test scores and grades are being admitted into and using Bright Futures’ “academic scholars” program, which covers 100% of tuition and fees and offers $300 for books during the fall and spring semesters.
According to the most recent projection, 52,179 students will qualify as academic scholars this year, up from 45,295 last year, or a 15% rise. According to the forecast, the curriculum will increase by 9.5 percent next budget year, to a total of 57,138 students in 2019-2020.
According to the study, the explanation for the rise in Bright Future scholars “cannot be completely explained at this time,” while causes may include more students qualifying through programs like the International Baccalaureate, improvements in home-schooling qualifications, and higher SAT scores.

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The Florida Bright Future Scholarship is for Florida high school seniors who have completed their seventh semester of high school requirements. Each year on December 1st, applications for high school seniors become eligible. Residents of Florida must have their high school guidance counselor send their details and permission form to the Florida Department of Education’s Bright Futures Program. Your eligibility is determined by how well you did in high school.

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Opportunities to support the community can be found almost everywhere.

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Hillsborough County Schools has a fantastic resource for you to explore available community service opportunities if you need any inspiration.
Complete the proposal form before starting your volunteer service, carry it to the guidance office, and pick up your signed form the next day.
Then you can begin your community service.
– time you volunteer somewhere new, you’ll need a new proposal.
Start volunteering and keeping track of your hours until the proposal is over.
Sign off on your hours with the person in charge of your chosen operation.
When you’re finished (or have completed a log), send it to guidance along with a copy of your proposal.
You are entitled to reuse the same proposal.

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Every year, the sum of the award is determined by law. Academic Scholars receive up to $212 per credit hour per semester in the 2016-17 academic year, Medallion Scholars receive up to $159 per credit hour per semester, and Gold Seal Scholars receive up to $48 per credit hour per semester in the 2016-17 academic year. [2] The Bright Futures Scholarship was designed to be similar to the HOPE Scholarship in neighboring Georgia. [requires citation] Initially, the program awarded around $70 million in scholarships to just over 42,000 students. [3] At its peak in 2008, the program offered scholarships to 39 percent of Florida high school graduates, including 94 percent of incoming freshmen and 70 percent of all University of Florida undergraduates. (5)
The curriculum was chosen solely on the basis of academic merit, not financial need. The program was criticized at its peak in 2008 for subsidizing the schooling of students from affluent families with lottery proceeds primarily obtained from low-income individuals. [6] UF Chief Financial Officer Matt Fajack criticized the program for artificially keeping state university tuition low, since any tuition increase would require the state to invest more money to fund the program’s scholarships. (5)