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Boston university parking garage

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The 110,000 square-foot field, which was constructed over the former Babcock Street parking lot and was made possible in part by a $3 million donation from Boston-based New Balance, has seating for 500 people. The Langsam Garage, which has approximately 350 parking spaces, is where the field is located.
The new field effectively doubled BU’s playable green room, allowing the department to add men’s lacrosse to its varsity team roster as well as provide practice space for varsity teams and the over 8,000 students who participate in intramural and club sports.
BU overseer William D. Bloom (CGS’82, SMG’84), a former BU rugby player who made the first philanthropic contribution to the field; Robert S. Trump (DGE’68, CAS’70); C. A. Lance Piccolo (SED’62), chair of the Board of Trustees athletic committee and a former BU football player; Lawrence Cohen (CAS’83) and Judy Cohen; and overseer Raymond Killian (SE’68, CAS’70).

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For your convenience, cash or one of the following credit cards are approved for Agganis Arena Lots A and C-2 and Langsam Garage Lot B: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. The following are the parking fees for each event:
For details about parking in Arena Lots A and C-2 during sports and entertainment events, Agganis Arena suite and premium seat holders can consult their agreements or call Arena Guest Services at 617-358-7000.
On a space-available basis, Agganis Arena is pleased to give Boston University employees with pre-paid parking permits in Lots G, H, K, Q, and R free sports and entertainment event parking.
When there are no Arena events or performances scheduled, Boston University employees with pre-paid parking permits can use Arena parking spaces in Lots A and C-2 as supplemental parking at no cost.
The bulk of concerts and sporting activities will take place in the evenings and on weekends, allowing workers to park in their permits for the majority of their working hours. However, Boston University employees are not allowed to use Agganis Arena Lots A and C-2 during scheduled activities or 90 minutes prior to the start of weekday and weekend evening performances and sporting events due to the requirement to provide adequate parking for event attendees. During the day of some weekday and weekend matinee shows and other University activities, Agganis Arena parking lots will be closed to Boston University workers in preparation for some events (Spring Open House, Commencement, etc.). We understand that advance notice of upcoming activities will be needed, and we ask for Boston University employees and visitors’ continued cooperation.

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This open-air, two-floor structure features an athletic field on the top level and 350 parking spaces below, maximizing space in a busy, urban-campus setting. While addressing parking demand, an existing surface lot was converted into a state-of-the-art turf athletic facility suitable for a leading college sporting venue.
The design integrated an aesthetically pleasing brick and limestone façade using precast construction. The precast parts were cast off-site in a managed plant setting, resulting in a very robust, high-quality product that allowed the superstructure components to be installed concurrently with the foundations, reducing the project schedule significantly.
Many challenges faced the project team, including rerouting one of Boston’s most active and massive turn-of-the-century stormwater lines, construction on Boston’s historic Back Bay urban land-fill area, and an expedited schedule to meet a peak parking demand for Boson University’s commencement.

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The University’s main garages—Commonwealth Avenue Garage and Beacon Street Garage—offer visitor parking. Our security staff can direct visitors to either garage. All visitors must take a ticket upon entering the garage. To exit the garage, you must have a validated (paid) fare. Weekends begin at 5 p.m. on Fridays and end at 2 a.m. on Mondays. On the weekend, there is no need for a permit. By 2 a.m. Monday morning, all cars must be out of the garage. At that time, vehicles left in the garage can be ticketed or towed.
Anyone who is not a full-time or part-time student, faculty member, or staff member is referred to as a “visitor.” Residents and undergraduate students who live on campus or within one mile of public transit are not eligible for permits or to park as guests on campus.
Transportation and Parking suggests that you use our website to search for safe and secure parking areas in the city. Rates and distance from campus differ, but in the spirit of being a good neighbor, we urge you to use them rather than parking on city streets.