Boston university graduation requirements

Boston university graduation requirements

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Bachelor of Arts degrees are awarded to students in the College of Arts and Sciences (BA). The CAS College Curriculum for Liberal Arts and Sciences is structured to ensure that all students develop the large and deep base of skills, expertise, and knowledge that distinguishes a liberally educated individual and prepares them for a prosperous and creative life. It offers students the ability to customize their degree program to their individual interests, skills, and goals. The degree requirements described below represent the CAS College Program’s core values and objectives.
In today’s global world, a person with a liberal education can communicate effectively. To this end, students must complete intermediate (fourth-semester) language study or show equal competence in a language other than English.
A liberally educated person has in-depth knowledge and expertise in a specific field of study. Students must either complete an established CAS major, which usually consists of 9 to 16 courses, or an independent major to achieve this goal.

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An associate degree normally requires 60 credits, while a bachelor’s degree typically requires 120 credits. Depending on the program, the number of credits required for a master’s degree can vary.
The number of credits needed to graduate from college is highly dependent on the degree you desire. Each degree requires a different number of credits, takes a different amount of time to complete, and offers different options for research and career advancement.
When it comes to obtaining a college diploma, there are several factors to consider. Is the length of time it takes to obtain a degree a major consideration? Do you have any questions about the total cost? When determining which degree to seek, having a detailed understanding of your choices will assist you in making the right decision.
In most industries, an associate degree is necessary for entry-level professional positions. Some associate degree programs are focused on a single career area, while others cover a wide range of subjects. An associate degree is also a decent stepping point for those who want to seek a bachelor’s degree in the future.

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A student enrolled in a master’s degree program at the Graduate School of Arts & Sciences (GRS) must have an advisor who is a member of the department or program’s faculty. If an advisor has not been appointed prior to enrollment, the student should contact the department chair/program director or the director of graduate studies to inquire about the process.
A minimum of 32 graduate credits is expected of students, though some degree programs which require more. Graduate classes, workshops, or guided study or analysis with a single faculty member may all be used to obtain these credits. The student’s department or graduate program defines the basic criteria for classes, workshops, dissertation, and guided study. Graduate credits are obtained by taking courses with a number of 500 or higher. The major area must account for at least 16 of the necessary 32 credits.
Normally, no more than 18 credits should be taken at the same time in a class. Unless an approved leave of absence is obtained, students must register for at least 2 credits or Continuing Student Status each semester until they have completed all degree requirements. In the Conversion of Credits section of this page, the number of courses that can be applied to a master’s degree is clarified in greater detail.

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The Juris Doctor program is a full-time day program that takes three academic years to complete. The Academic Regulations portion of the JD Student Handbook provides a detailed summary of all JD degree requirements. Please use the Graduation Requirements Worksheet to help you choose the best courses to satisfy all of your graduation requirements.
You can select from about 200 elective classes, workshops, and clinical programs in addition to the mandatory curriculum. After the first year, you can earn up to 12 semester credits against your JD by taking courses at Boston University or Boston College School of Law in another graduate or technical school. You can also take courses at other colleges and law schools with permission. Academic Policies and Administrative Rules of both the law school and Boston University must be observed at all times.