Boston public schools salary schedule

Boston public schools salary schedule

Boston public schools administrator salary

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Develop lesson plans and instructional materials, as well as individual and small group guidance, as required, to tailor the curriculum to the needs of each student in accordance with OAS computer science standards.
Develop lesson plans and instructional materials, as well as individual and small group guidance, as required, to tailor the curriculum to the needs of each student in accordance with OAS computer science standards.
Boston covers an area of 89.63 square miles (232.1 km2), with land covering 48.4 square miles (125.4 km2) (54%) and water covering 41.2 square miles (106.7 km2) (46%) of the total. The city’s official elevation is 19 feet (5.8 meters) above sea level, as calculated at Logan International Airport. At 330 feet (100 meters) above sea level, Bellevue Hill is the city’s highest point, while the lowest point is at sea level. Boston is the only state capital in the contiguous United States with an oceanic shoreline, since it is located on the Atlantic Ocean’s shore.

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Boston is a city in Massachusetts. Boston teachers have earned double-digit raises in total salaries over the last four years, despite the fact that average incomes in the Boston metropolitan area have remained stagnant due to the economic downturn. This is the product of a wage scheme that, in addition to the more obvious annual raises negotiated by the Boston Teacher Union, pushes teacher pay upward with gradual increases—including measures and lanes—that are automatic year after year.
As a result, a representative teacher with three years of experience and a bachelor’s degree plus 15 graduate credits who earned $50,057 in total salary in 2006 would have earned $72,059 in 2010. With no additional educational attainment, that’s a 44 percent improvement in four years.
A new study researched and written by the Boston Municipal Research Bureau and funded and published by the Boston Foundation lays out in depth the existing payment scheme, which was baked into the contract that expired in August 2010 but continues to drive teacher pay higher. The Real Cost of the Contract: An Analysis of Boston Public School Teachers’ Salary and Benefits explains how teacher compensation is measured and how the outcomes relate to surrounding communities. The report’s aim is to bring attention to a complicated pay formula that has received little attention in the past and to educate the public about teacher salaries at a time when Boston’s school district is negotiating a new teacher contract.

Boston public schools principal salary

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Welcome to the Payroll and Benefits section of the Waltham Public Schools website.

Boston public schools salary database

In a collegial and welcoming atmosphere, Waltham Public Schools provides competitive wages and a robust benefits package. The District maintains close relationships with Brandeis, Bentley, and Boston Universities, as well as Boston College, Lesley, and Harvard Universities, and provides ongoing professional development opportunities. Waltham Public Schools requires all educators to possess a valid MA DESE license in the area in which they work.
Employees who are eligible for benefits will purchase health and dental insurance. To enroll, please bring your completed forms to the City Payroll Office at 25 Lexington St. Please complete the separate Delta Dental Form if you will be enrolling in a Harvard Pilgrim or Tufts Health Plan and wish to also enroll in Delta Dental (at no additional cost).