Boston partners in education

Boston partners in education

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BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS (CBS) — There are many adults who want to support young people but are concerned that they lack the time or experience to do so. There are students in Boston who may benefit from additional assistance with their schoolwork. Boston Partners in Education (BPiE) is a Boston-based organization dedicated to bringing the two organizations together.
Glenda Von den Benken, Jailiany’s trainer, could tell she was capable; she just needed more individual attention. “I figured that having a mentor would help her faith in math and help her pull out what she already had,” Von den Benken said.
The non-profit was established 54 years ago with the aim of increasing volunteerism in city classrooms. About 600 people volunteered to assist over 4,000 students last year. A tutor can be someone who has an hour to spare.
Peter Olive, a Needham engineer, was paired with Jailiany and enjoys assisting her with her math. “I learned about this initiative called Boston Partners in Education, where you can go where kids need extra support but don’t have the resources,” Olive said. Per week, he spends one hour in the Hennigan sixth-grade classroom.

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If you know me, you know how passionate I am about giving back to the Boston community, and I’ve served on the board of Boston Partners in Education for the past two years. It is a remarkable organization that aims to increase Boston public school students’ academic performance by providing them with targeted and individualized volunteer service. What I enjoy most about Boston Partners is the direct effect we have on our young people’s lives. Through reading to them, sharing work experiences with them, and so much more, the volunteers assist at-risk youth in realizing their talents and gaining self-confidence. In reality, I began my career with Boston Partners in Education four years ago as a “Big Cheese” Reader. Big Cheese Reads is a program that brings community and cultural leaders into middle school classrooms to discuss the value of reading and literacy in life and career success. This year, BPE has placed 565 volunteers in classrooms across 51 Boston Public Schools to tutor over 3,300 students. To say the least, I’m honored to be a member of this organization.

Boston partners in education

BPE has worked with the Boston Public Schools (BPS) for over 40 years to hire, train, position, and assist volunteers who work with K-12 students in the BPS. The majority of staff time has been spent running the services that enable this task to be accomplished, with no time dedicated to human resources. Human resource matters were handled on an as-needed basis since there was no systematic mechanism for employee orientations or an organization-specific personnel policy. They collaborated with BPE to gain a better understanding of the company’s culture and to help codify policies that would communicate and cultivate it. BPE also has a written personnel policy that clearly communicates the company’s goals and rewards to employees.
BPE workers now have a place to turn for immediate answers to their questions about employee work time and benefits, thanks to this upgraded personnel policy. BPE will be able to more efficiently achieve its target of improving the academic skills of Boston Public School students with a more informed and satisfied workforce.

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On May 9, 2019, Hemenway & Barnes is a proud supporter of Boston Partners in Education’s 15th Annual Big Cheese Reads Gala. The evening will honor the many Big Cheese Readers who visited middle school classrooms to develop relationships with Boston Public School students, as well as the stories that encourage us to dream bigger. Thomas N. O’Brien, Founding Partner & Managing Director of the HYM Investment Group, LLC, will be honored at the Gala. EdVestors’ 2018 School on the Move winner, Mildred Avenue K-8 School, will also be honored.
Since 2004, The Big Cheese Reads has brought together business and community leaders with middle school students to highlight the importance of literacy in achieving professional success. Over 400 business and community leaders have returned to the classroom to promote the program since its inception.
Nate McConarty is a member of Boston Partners’ Board of Directors, and Hemenway & Barnes’ John Siciliano, Art Page, and Gioia Perugini have all been Big Cheese Readers. Hundreds of volunteers are recruited, trained, and placed in Boston classrooms each year by Boston Partners in Education, who work closely with students and teachers through a variety of programs.