Boston college public service scholarship

Boston college public service scholarship

Bc law public service scholarship reddit

Our LEAPS Public Service Scholars are a vital part of the entering 1L class each year, but the LEAPS experience applies to the entire student body, starting with our leadership read in the fall semester. It continues at our Public Interest Law Retreat, where students get to know one another, learn about different public interest career options, and meet alumni, faculty, and representatives of student organizations. We deliver LEAPS-related academic and experiential course offerings, faculty mentoring, career-related activities, pro bono opportunities and immersion trips, as well as a variety of events in collaboration with student organizations.
Michelle Grossfield, the Faculty Director and Director of Public Interest and Pro Bono Programs, leads LEAPS. Our Rappaport Center for Law & Public Policy, which promotes leadership and public policy initiatives in local and state government, is closely associated with the curriculum. LEAPS and Rappaport, as well as other campus hubs such as the Center for Experiential Learning, Clough Center for Constitutional Democracy, and the Center for Human Rights and International Justice, co-sponsor a variety of activities and programs.

Boston college public service scholarship reddit

A number of our students who have shown a willingness to pursue a career in public interest law are eligible for a full tuition scholarship for all three years through the Boston University School of Law Public Interest Scholarship program.
Applicants who want to be eligible for the Public Interest Scholarship must submit a separate essay along with their admissions applications. The deadline for applications is January 15th. On a rolling basis, scholarship offers can be made.
In addition to the Public Interest Scholarship, applicants receive a $5,000 stipend to pursue public interest internships during their 1L and 2L summers, as well as career counseling and faculty mentoring.

Boston college law scholarships reddit

The Pro Bono Program is a voluntary program that organizes pro bono events at BC Law, connects students with pro bono placements, enables students to look into pro bono opportunities, and recognizes students who support the community through pro bono work.
2) Benefit BC Law students by providing opportunities for hands-on experience, vital lawyering skills development, building relationships in agencies and firms, exposure to different areas of law, and a greater understanding of the value of pro bono and public service;
The Board of Directors, which includes the Associate Director of Public Interest Programs, the Dean for Students, the Assistant Dean for Career Services, third-year law students, second-year law students, and first-year law students, staffs, manages, and oversees the Boston College Pro Bono Program.
The Native American Law Student Association is organizing a Spring Break trip to the Navajo Nation. A group of students spent their spring break working in five different locations across the Navajo Nation. Navajo Nation Department of Justice, Community & Economic Development; Navajo Nation Department of Justice, Government and Human Services; Navajo Nation Supreme Court; Office of the Public Defender; and Navajo Nation District Court were among the places where students were placed.

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The scholarship was founded in 1999 by generous donors who felt that the law school’s mission necessitated the creation of such a scholarship. The first class of scholars graduated in 2003. These graduates have developed a strong network, giving back to the program and assisting new students as they pursue careers in public interest law. Scholars can devote a large portion of their careers after graduating from the School of Law to public interest law.
Other scholarships, such as the Peace Corps and Teach For America Scholarships, are available to students who have shown a strong contribution to social justice and have a strong academic record.
Applicants must first obtain admission to the law school in order to be eligible for the full-tuition Public Interest Law Scholarship (PILS). The PILS Award will be automatically considered for all applications received by the priority deadline of March 1. Applicants who submit their applications after the deadline can be considered if space and time permit.