Boston college employee benefits

Boston college employee benefits

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p> p> Provides a high-quality childcare program and extended daycare for children of faculty, staff, and graduate and undergraduate students. When accessible, spaces are also provided to community residents.

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Employee Relations is in charge of dealing with employee grievances as well as assisting workers in navigating transitions and resolving disputes. We also offer resources and assistance to administrators. Managers can first contact their HR Liaison inside their department for guidance.   If your department Liaison is not available, you may contact your assigned HR Officer. / p>
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Employment uses a variety of recruiting methods including an applicant monitoring system (Cornerstone), niche work boards, social media, targeted advertisements, interaction with passive candidates, as well as working with community groups and training programs to align eligible applicants for open positions.
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Responsible for the timely and correct handling of all transactions relating to the payroll and timekeeping activities of the University, thus adhering to all internal requirements as well as federal and state regulations.
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The aim of the Awareness Benefiting Leadership and Employees about Disabilities initiative is to foster and affirm an inclusive campus atmosphere for people with disabilities at Boston College while also offering social and professional awareness opportunities for all faculty, staff, and administrators.

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Promotes the wellbeing and desires of Asian/Pacific Islander employees at Boston College by holding meetings and sponsoring activities that improve the workplace and teach others about API cultures’ tremendous richness and diversity.

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Boston College provides workers a variety of facilities, programs, and other tools aimed at providing opportunities for leisure, learning, and social interaction; and at promoting health and welfare. The following parts explain many of the services available on campus for the convenience of Boston College employees. / p>
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The Black Faculty, Staff, and Administrators Association (BFSAA) promotes the interests, welfare, and advancement of people of color on campus and also hosts meetings and events for fellowship, dialogue, and debate.
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Employee Benefits at Boston College You may take advantage of a range of benefits and resources related to protecting and preserving your health, assisting in your personal and professional growth, and enhancing and improving your overall quality of life as a Boston College employee.
Advantages New workers are encouraged to take advantage of the many advantages that come with working at Boston College. If you have questions, contact the Benefits Office: [email protected] or 617-552-3329. Consult the Employee Handbook for more information on benefits.
Employees at Boston College have access to a fair benefits package. After one year of service, BC contributes 8 percent to your 401 (k) as long as you contribute 2 percent . For the 401(k), as well as the TIAA Real Estate account and TIAA Traditional Annuity, TIAA and Fidelity offer a range of low-cost index fund options.
The main Jesuit, Catholic value of cura personalis—Latin for “whole-person treatment”—underpins our approach to employee care. Boston College supports employees’ academic, physical, mental, social, and spiritual growth through a range of benefits and services.

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In order to improve the health and general well-being of its employees, Boston College offers a comprehensive and affordable benefits package. The University provides a variety of insurance coverage, tuition repayment opportunities, a very generous 401(k) contribution match, and a large number of paid holidays and sick days, in addition to extensive health and dental insurance policies.
The following information is presented in a summary format and is not meant to be exhaustive. The records relating to the different insurance policies, for example, provide details of coverage under such plans. The University retains the right to change the policies outlined below, and any proposed updates or revisions will take precedence over the details in this handbook.
Full-time permanent workers (including full-time faculty) who have been employed for at least six months are eligible for the benefits programs. Part-time, regular workers who work at least 20 hours a week and are employed for at least 36 weeks (for example, academic-year positions) are generally eligible for compensation, but there are certain restrictions and some benefits are pro-rated.